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We have a challenge for you this week. What books are you reading at home? Send us a picture of you reading your favourite book. Is there a book you could recommend to the children in Year 2?

Start of the day challenge

Today you will be revisiting the 'ow' /'ou' sound.

Your activity is on the video and it will be linked to reading. 

laughThere is also a surprise person helping me today!laugh

The 'ou' sound


Tuesday Multiplication

Based on the work I have seen, if you need to challenge yourself today you can try this White Rose reasoning activity.

English- Instruction texts

Tuesday's English video Instruction texts


Halesowen Heroes

Start of the lesson questions
What does the word past mean? 
Why is it important to learn about the people who contributed to our local area in the past? 

This week, we are moving onto our second Halesowen hero. His name was Walter Somers but who was he

Using  sources we would like you to find out more information about him. To make it a little different we have put some statements in a table and we would like you to find out if they are true of false. 
Sources are objects, pictures, videos, books, internet or artefacts that tells us something about history. 

You may wish to present your work using our table, using word document or by creating your own poster.laugh