Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday's home Learning.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you solve the Maths Problems below?




Today we would like you to continue with your re-tell. Today we would like you to write the middle of the story. (aim to write about where the family look for Dogger and write up to where they find him on the toy stall at the school fair.)

Remember to keep up the beautiful presentation and to sound out the words you want to write carefully.



Today we are continuing our work on odd and even numbers. Watch the video below to help you with your learning and activities today.

Tuesday 26. 01. 21


Read a book to an adult for at least 10 minutes. Can you make a prediction a bout the book? What do you think will happen? Can you explain why?

Remember to record your reading in your reading diary.



Year 1 Phonics 'u' as in unicorn.

Watch the video and join in. Can you read the words today?

Materials and their Properties 26 01 21

Watch the video and listen to Mrs Johnson explain today's task.

23 January 2021

Ms Cooper reads our story today- Humphrey Bookworm.