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Michael Bublé - When You're Smiling [Official Audio] - YouTube 

Play the video, stand up and start the day with a dance. Parents join in too!laugh

Start of the day challenge


laughGood morning Year 2, let's get the day started with some phonics!laugh

For your phonics task today, you will be writing words with the ‘ir’ grapheme.
Watch Mr Thorne to remind you about what the ‘ir’ grapheme looks like.
After watching the video, complete the activity below.

You could then challenge yourself to see if you can write a sentence with an ‘ir’ word in. 


Click the link below



Maths: Divisionlaughyes

Tuesday - dividing with a remainder video



laughBasic Skillslaugh

Before you watch today's English video, practise reading your common exception words.

Remember, these are important words you should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2.


Choose 5 words to write in a sentence of your own. 


Practise makes permanent laugh

Click the link below

Year 2 common exception words recall - YouTube

Tuesday's English

History: Halesowen Heroes

LO: To place events on a timeline.

This afternoon, you will be continuing with your learning about Walter Somers, following on from last week’s activity.

In the document below you will see different facts which we would like you to place, in date order, on the timeline.

- If you do not have a printer, you could draw your own timeline, writing the facts underneath, or if you have a printer, you could print the document below, sticking the events in order.

You may wish to write the missing dates on the timeline – a little maths in our history lesson!


*Challenge: Look back at your findings from last week and write any other key dates on your timeline!*