Terrific Tuesday

Welcome to your home learning for Tuesday. We're carrying on with thinking about our Mental Health theme. 

Lots of people keep journals to help them think about their feelings. Part of this is writing down your feelings. To start off with, we would like you to take 1 minute to think of and write down 5 things that made your Monday marvellous.  


1)_________ 2)__________ 3)____________ 4__________ 5)____________  


Once you have done that, select an activity from the cards below to do at some point in the day. Please share any photos of you taking time for yourself and learning to express yourself. 




LO: To identify the features of a Tanka

Reading with Logan:Chapter 18

Do you think Liam already knows about the dragon?

What might happen next as Tomas rushes away?

Science- Reflection

For this lesson, you are going to need a torch or light source, a piece of paper and a mirror.