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Start of the day challenge

Today, we will be revisiting the ‘oe’ grapheme.

We have heard this sound before and it can be spelt using the grapheme ‘oa’ like in the words goat and coat.

Practise writing the grapheme ‘oe’ with your finger in the air as big as you can.

Then write it with your finger small on the floor.

If you have a book or paper, practise writing it on the line as neatly as you can.


Now you’re all warmed up, look at the activity below can you guess the words we have tried to spell. Use your ‘oe’ grapheme to complete the sheet.

How many words can you make?



Finding the difference in graphs-video


Non-chronological reports


Tuesday's English


Today will be our last lesson on our Halesowen Heroes. Hopefully, you have all

learnt some new facts about your local history.laugh