Start of the Day Challenge

Here is your phonics challenge for the day! We are continuing with our learning on split digraphs, and today, we are looking at the e_e digraph.

You may want to play the song from yesterday to recap on split digraphs first.

Challenge: Can you write some sentences with the e_e words in? Maybe you could include a conjunction in each sentence too, such as 'and', 'but', 'that' or 'because'.



Addition on a number line video


Tuesday Performance poetry

History: Halesowen Heroes


This half term, we are starting a new History topic called 'Halesowen Heroes'. In this topic, we will be learning about local heroes who have done lots of important things within the Halesowen community.


The first person we will be learning about is James Grove - you may remember learning a little bit about Grove last half term when we were finding out about our new house team names! 


Your task is to research a little bit of information about him.

  1. What was James Grove famous for?

  2. Where was his factory?

  3. What was the name of the road where the factory was?

  4. What year did the factory close?

  5. How did he help people within Halesowen?

  6. Can you find out any more useful information?


You can complete your work by answering the questions or by creating a poster of facts. Then we would like you to present your information to a grown-up. You may want to ask a grown-up to record you sharing your findings with us so we can see your history learning. laugh