WB 01/06/20

Friday 5th June

Starter of the day

June the 5th is World Environment day.

How many words can you make using the letters in World Environment day?


World Environment day


World Environment day


Can you beat these words and find any with 7+ letters in them?



Using all your knowledge of time, try some of these reasoning questions.

Remember to show as many mathematical workings as possible!



Basic Skills

Practise these spellings by using a pyramid, or by playing hangman. You could try writing them with your eyes shut to see if you can remember them.








Listen to Chapters 5 and 6 (from 4:23 to 12:09).

Make sure that you listen carefully because you will be answering some questions.




1. Why did Ben phone his parents?

2. Why was he whispering?

3. How do you think Ben feels when he thinks his Granny has heard him say he hates it at her house?

4. Why didn’t Ben tell his Granny that he didn’t like eggs?

5. Describe what Ben found in the cupboard.


Extra Challenge 

Tell someone in your house what you think about Gangsta Granny so far.  Give reasons.


Religious Education

Here is some information on the Sikh religion. Read the information and answer the questions below. Remember, there are no right and wrong answers, just get thinking!


1. Do you agree with the five points above?

2. Are there any that you do not agree with?

3. Do you think that you need to be Sikh to carry out the actions? Why or why not?

4. Do you think you need to be religious to carry out these actions? Why or why not?



Thursday 4th June

Starter of the day

Play on TT rockstars for 5 x 2 minutes games. Can you beat your best score and speed?

If you get a new rock status on a game, we’d love to get an email telling us about this and anything else you are proud of!



Watch the video on durations of time then practise and check your answers.




Order these durations of time from longest to shortest.



Basic Skills

Watch the clip below. Then try to say as many prepositions as you can in 30 seconds.




Listen to Chapter 4 (to 4:23).




In the story, Ben plays Scrabble with his Granny.  In the game, you have letters on tiles and you have to put them together to make words. Imagine you have the following letters. How many words can you make?


E    P    S    M    A    T    R


Extra Challenge

Change one letter. How many more words can you make?



We are going to start learning the names of animals, and we are going to use Purple Mash to help us.

Sign onto RM Unify (through the school website, not a search engine) Remember to use your normal school login and password.

Click on Purple Mash

Go onto Topics

Go onto Languages

Click on French

Click on Les Animaux and go onto the orange robot. When you have looked at the words click on the circle below that looks like the last picture here: Have a go!

When you have learnt some animal names, have a go at drawing 3 animals and writing their names. Then check to see if you have spelled the names correctly.



Wednesday 3rd June

Starter of the day

Look at this picture. Can you write three questions that you would like to ask the people in it?

Remember to use a question mark at the end!



Watch the video on durations of time then practise and check your answers.




Calculate the duration of the TV programmes.




Basic Skills

One word in each sentence is spelled incorrectly. Find the word and write the word correctly.


That girl is really beautyful.

I cannt come out today.

The broshure from the hotel looks grate.

Dont brake that window!

There sleeping over at my friend’s house tonight.

You have made to many mistakes.



Listen to Chapter 3 (From 10:15).




There are many purposes for reading. Look at these different genres. Think about what the purpose is for each type.

e.g. A recipe: to know how to make some food


1. A novel (fiction book in chapters like Gangsta Granny):

2. A dictionary:

3. A poem:

4. An information book about the Romans:

5. A comic:

6. An atlas:

7. A biography (a book about a person’s life):

8: A Wikipedia page:


Extra Challenge

Think about how much you read for enjoyment and how much you read for other reasons. 



Before we start our new topic about Europe, Italy and Naples, we are going to remind ourselves about the world. 

Click on Mapping the World and Longitude and Latitude and watch the videos.




Write some sentences or draw a diagram to explain what the following terms mean:

1. The Equator

2. The Northern Hemisphere

3. The Southern Hemisphere.



Can you explain what the Arctic and Antarctic Circles are?



Tuesday 2nd June

Starter of the day

Would you rather be able to fly, or breathe underwater? What would your answer be and give as many reasons why as you can think of!



Watch the video on 24 hour time then practise and check your answers.




Sort the times from latest to earliest



Change these times  in to either a 12 or 24 hour time format.

a)  13:00 = 
b)  3:15pm =
c)  05:05 =

d)  12:45pm =

e)  7:25am =

f)  23:10 =



Basic Skills

These sentences don’t make sense. Rewrite them so that they do!


Ben’s Mum work at the local nail salon.

The car swung around the corner into Grey Close, where Granny’s bungalow squatting.



Listen to Chapter 2 (5:33  to 10:15). You might want to review Chapter 1 too!




Listen to the description of Granny in Chapter 2. (Chapter 1 describes her as well.)  Draw a picture of what you think Granny looks like.  Label the picture using nouns and adjectives.


Extra Challenge

Write 3 or 4 sentences describing Granny using your nouns and adjectives.



Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant

Every living thing has a life cycle that it follows.

Watch this clip to show you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zgqyrdm


Look at the 5 stages of the life cycle below. There are 3 challenges for you to choose from.



Put the 5 stages of the life cycle into order and explain them to your adult.



Order the 5 stages and create your own wheel or flow chart to explain the life cycle. Remember to include illustrations to help you.




Using the information given, imagine that you were a plant. Write a 5 stage diary explaining what it happening to you. Remember to include illustrations to help you.



Monday 1st June

Starter of the day

Before half term, you were emailed a login for spelling shed. We’d like you to play on this game for 15 minutes today. You can choose which part you play. Have fun!



Watch the video on using time know facts then practise and check your answers.




Choose some times/events and put them into the correct places in the table.



Complete the statements.

a)  1 day = 24 hours
b)  2 days = ___ hours
c)  __ days = 240 hours

d)  __ days = 120 hours

e)  __ days = 60 hours

f)  20 days = ___ hours



Basic Skills

Here are some homophones. (Remember, the words sound the same but have different spellings and meanings). Write the words and draw pictures to show which is which.

meet   meat

here   hear

not   knot


For the next few weeks we are going to be listening to Gangsta Granny by the very famous David Walliams!  Each day you will be given a link to an audio reading of the story on YouTube, but if you have a copy at home, by all means, read along.


Here is today’s link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL8Ymj594tc

Just listen to Chapter 1 (to 5:32)



Gangsta Granny is written by David Walliams.  Write down four facts that you know about the author.  You could write about other books he has written or anything else you might know about him.


Extra Challenge 

Find out two new facts about David Walliams.



Athletics - short distance running

Warm up your body -  play tag, have a little run, create an obstacle course.

Here are some steps to make you a great sprinter, practice and perfect each one, then move on. 


1. Stand on-the-spot to practice fast running.

2. Make sure that your elbows are also bent at 90 degrees. (An L shape of right angle)

3. Pretend that you are tightly gripping a small bird in each hand. Your hands should be more or less “closed” but not tight.

4. Pump your hands from “hip to lip.”

5. Start to speed up your movements slightly, and bring your knees up high.

6. Finally, run very fast on-the-spot for five seconds


Congratulations! You can run well! Now using these strategies and tips, have a go at running a short distance in your garden or on a field. Can you beat your time? Remember to cool down and stretch!



Staying safe in the sun

You probably know a lot about staying safe in the sun after the lovely weather we have been having. However, as we are coming up to the Summer Solstice (the day where England is closest to the sun) we thought it would be good to revise how to keep safe!


Listen to the clip from the radio station below and jot down notes about important tips that you learn or think are useful. It might be easier to listen to this twice.




Underneath the clip, there are some paragraphs giving you more information.

Choose one of the tasks below:

Create a postcard that you could send to someone telling them how to keep safe in the sun.

Write a list of do’s and don’ts about sun safety.

Create a cartoon which explains how to keep safe in the sun and what might happen if you don’t follow the guidance. (Ticks and crosses may help you)