WB 11/05/20

Friday 15th May

Start of the day

Make an A- Z list of things that make you happy!

A = animals   

B = books  

C = cats

D = 




Watch the video on inverse operation then practise and check your answers.




Complete the questions below and then use inverse operation to double check each answer.

A) 25 + 74 =  

B) 83 + 49 = 

C) 123 + 362 =

D) 85 - 41 =

E) 92 - 58 = 

F) 288 - 197 = 



I completed an addition question and then used the inverse to check my calculation. 

When I checked my calculation, the answer was 250

One of the other numbers was 355 What could the calculation be?



Reading: Extract 16


DAY VII of Junius

We were woken last night by a tremendous tumult. My master*s eldest son, Cratinus, had returned. He had tried to slip in through the back door without attracting attention, but instead he woke the doorman, who took him for an intruder, and challenged him. By the time the misunderstanding had been untangled, the whole house was awake and gathered in the peristylum. Cratinus seemed to me very haughty and pleased with himself, and I was soon bored and slipped back to bed.



Cratinus is just like the soldiers who guard the fort in Mytilini: they think armour and scars make it impossible for girls to resist their charms. I had to endure an hour of his stories about how brave he had been in Dacia. It was dull in the extreme, though he did make me laugh once or twice. 



1. What do you think a tumult is?


This extract gives the reader some clues as to the behaviour and attitude of the Roman Legionnaire Cratinus and the slave girl Lliona.


2. How would you describe Lliona? What sort of attitude does she have? 


3. How is the legionnaire presented? What do you think of him?


In the extract there is a * replacing a piece of punctuation:

“…My master*s eldest son…”.

4. What punctuation is missing? Why is this needed?


5. The other day while on social media (briefly) I came across this advertisement for a very talented artist. But, have they used the apostrophe correctly? Can you explain your answer?



Time to finish your story. Reread what you have done and think about how successful you have been so far (I am sure it is very successful).





 capital letters and full stops


other punctuation



direct speech





exciting vocab (nouns and verbs)



fronted adverbials






neat, joined handwriting





I think I have covered most things so I am in the fortunate position of writing for pleasure and ensuring my reader can enjoy the end of the story. 


Romulus and Remus spent many months on their quests. Each one desperate to be victorious, build their city and become the king. After a battle with the powerful, majestic Atlantic Ocean Remus emerged from the waves holding Poseidon’s trident high in the air. Not far behind him came his brother Romulus sweating from the heat coming from the flaming, burning spear of Vulcan. As Romulus came close to the hills an awful realisation came into his thoughts. He understood his brother was in front of him. Remus would win the race. Was he Romulus going to let this happen? Was he going to allow his brother to win? To rule him? In a split second Romulus realised this situation could never happen. He held the flaming spear above his head and flung the burning weapon towards his twin…


I was very much enjoying my story. I hope you have enjoyed your work this week too. Please have a little read through your story and make sure you have included everything you wanted to. If you have anyone in your household who could read it too they may be able to spot something or just enjoy the tale. Well done! 


Religious Education


The building where Sikh people go to pray is called a Gurdwara. A lot of things happen in the building. 

Watch the video clip and answer the questions.



1. What two things did Simran do when she arrived at the Gurdwara?

2. Why do you think people were sitting in the hall listening to a man read?

3. What is the name of the kitchen that is at the Gurdwara?

4. Why do people sit on the floor to eat?

5. What do you think about this?

6. Why might Sikh people help in the Langar, cooking and washing up?



Thursday 14th May

Start of the day

Draw some stars on a piece of paper. You are going to award these stars to people in your family.

Label each award with a title e.g. Best cook, kindest sister etc... and then colour them in.

Remember to give them out, or send them and explain why each person has the award!



Watch the video on estimating then practise and check your answers.




Use the number cards to make different calculations with an estimated answer of 70.

Create your own set of cards to make number sentences with estimate answers!



Reading: Extract 14



The task of emptying the chamber pots is shared among all the slaves. Today it was my turn. I was about to empty them into he drain next to the kitchen when Cytheris hissed, “Stop!”.

She explained that urine is used here in Rome for cleaning clothes, and is bought and sold and even taxed! I found this hard to believe, but that night a stinking wagon drew up and the driver tipped the foul liquid into a jar. For this (Cytheris told me), we receive a few quadrantes each week. I have decided that I shall save mine to buy Apollo’s freedom.  


Q. What was a chamber pot?


Although we may find the idea presented by Iliona in her diary slightly revolting it could perhaps be argued it shows how resourceful the Romans were! They could even find uses for what we flush away! The building of cities relied on a supply of fresh water and being able to deal with sewage (human waste).


Reading: Extract 15 (From Llion’s diary)


Water Supply and Sewage

As Rome grew so did its thirst. Public fountains on every street corner gushed with fresh, clean water. To keep the supply running, engineers built aqueducts across the countryside to carry channels of water from springs as far as 90km away.

Rome also had a basic sewage system. Privies (lavatories) and sinks drained into pipes beneath the road outside. These emptied into the Cloaca Maxima (greater sewer) and then into the River Tiber.



1. Why did Rome need a supply of fresh water?

2. How did the city provide fresh water for the people?

3. What have you found out about the Romans that you didn’t know before?

4. Can you infer anything about the Romans and their way of life from the diary text or picture?



I am going to begin by reading through my work and thinking about what features I still need to include.





 capital letters and full stops



other punctuation




direct speech







exciting vocab (nouns and verbs)




fronted adverbials








neat, joined handwriting





Today I will try to include some direct speech and a fronted adverbial (using my story plan)


Eventually, the Roman Gods cold no longer stand the squabbling of Romulus and Remus. As the father of the wins Mars, the God of War was elected to return to Earth and resolve the dispute. Mars descended to the ground and from the top of one of the hills set a challenge for his unhappy twin sons.

“I will send you, my sons on two dangerous quests to find a worthy king.” he declared. 

First, he looked towards Romulus and said slowly and clearly, “Your quest is to travel to the island of Sicily and climb Mount Etna, the most powerful and dangerous volcano in our known world…”


The middle part of the story is not complete but hopefully it has given you some ideas!



The Romans were famous for their mosaics, which often decorated floors of rich people’s houses or public places such as a bathhouse. They were made up of tiny tiles, cut up and stuck down to make pictures and patterns. Here are some examples.

You can have a go at making your own mosaic of whatever you like.  You can use scrap paper or cut up old magazines.  Here are some examples of what your mosaic might look like. Have fun!



Wednesday 13th May

Start of the day

Look out of your window for ten minutes, write down everything you can see!

Eg. Brown fences, green grass, dancing trees etc.


Maths - National Numeracy Day

Watch the video on finding and calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes then complete the tasks.




Find the perimeter of the 2D shapes below.



Reading: Extract 12



I learned today that the older brother of Marcus and Lucullus is a legionnaire, who will be returning to Rome soon for the triumph of Emperor Trajan.


This grand parade is to celebrate the victory of Roman forces in Dacia, and it will be a fantastic spectacle which all of Rome will watch.


Question 1 & 2

1. In Roman times what was a legionnaire?

2. Here is a map showing the Roman Empire in 116AD. Can you find Dacia on the map? What country would Dacia be in modern Europe?


These are pictures from Lliona’s diary. Although her diary is fiction, we have evidence to suggest that these pictures give an accurate picture of legionnaires in Rome in and around 107AD


Reading: Extract 13


Lliona’s Diary

Rome’s soldiers did not just fight. They built roads and bridges too. As well as his shield and sword, a solider carried many things. Altogether his kit weighed about 30 kg. Soldiers would be expected to march 27km a day with this load on their backs, although they had mules to carry the leather tents and millstones they used to grind their corn into flour.


Structure of the Legion

A small Praetorian Guard protected Rome itself but the main fighting forces were the Roman legions: 30 or so mini-armies trained for conquest abroad. Legions were made up of 5000-6000 foot soldiers (legionnaires) who fought in 80 strong groups called centuries each commanded by a centurion. An officer called Tribunus Militum commanded cohorts of 6 centuries, and there were 10 cohorts in a legion.


Question 3

3. From your reading and the pictures begin to think about what made the Roman Army so successful. Can you bullet point some ideas and think about how and why the Roman army was so successful in conquering so much land?



Over the next three days your writing task is to write the beginning, middle and end to the story of Romulus and Remus. You could write a paragraph each day or if you prefer you could write it all at once. If you choose to write every day, try to leave yourself a page so it can be a continuous story.


Remember features that will make your writing successful:





 capital letters and full stops




other punctuation




direct speech








exciting vocab (nouns and verbs)




fronted adverbials








neat, joined handwriting






Romulus and Remus had been through many adventures however their disagreement over the location of the new city threatened to tear them apart. Romulus wanted the city to be on top of Palatine Hill while Remus preferred Aventine Hill. The brothers argued until deep into the night and from the break of dawn. It was decided that whoever won the argument would not only build a magnificent city but would become the king and rule over the land.



The Romans were famous for their bathhouses. These were not just places to wash.  People would come to meet friends, exercise and use the public toilets, as well as to wash.  Men and women would bathe at different times. Most towns would have a bathhouse and they were often very large, grand structures.  Here is a plan of a typical bathhouse. 


Watch the following short clips to find out more:


How did the Romans keep clean?


How did the Romans go to the toilet?


How Roman Baths worked.


Public Baths in Roman Britain.



Now have a go at writing a short diary extract about a trip to the bathhouse.

It might start like this:



I arrived at the bathhouse this morning with my slave (I bring her with me to show people how rich I am). Soon, I met my friends and we exercised in the Basilica.  Then it was time to wash.  My slave covered me with oil and scraped it off using a.......



Tuesday 12th May

Start of the day

Make a proud cloud!

Draw a big cloud and write in this everything that you feel proud of about yourself.



Watch the video on rounding to the nearest hundred then practise and check your answers.




The table shows the attendances at some football matches. Round the attendances to the nearest hundred. You could also round them to the nearest ten!



Reading: Extract 10



This morning I awoke with a thundercloud around my head. I had dreamed that Apollo and I were back on Mytilini, doing the things we used to do together before they were captured- running on the open hills and swimming in the sea. When I awoke, the walls around me felt like a prison.


My master saw my long face, and I told him about my dream. He tried to make me feel better about living here in Rome, finishing with the words, “there is always a chance of manumission.”  I didn’t understand this Latin word, so he explained that good and obedient slaves may be freed through the kindness of their masters, or may buy freedom with the money they earn. His words lifted my stifling gloom and I began to hope that I might not live my whole life as a slave.


Lliona's master tries to give her hope and inspire her with the words, "there is always a chance of manumission". Little sayings to inspire and motivate have always been popular and even more so now with the spread of social media.


Ask people in your house if they know any sayings that give encouragement or inspire hope. I like this example from Nelson Mandela: 

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


Try to find your own example and write it, or even illustrate it!



Here are the things I will try to make sure go into my story to make sure it is successful. I am going to annotate my story map so I know where I am going to put these some of these ideas in.


Annotate your planning. Try to add as many ideas as you can, you can always change your mind when you are writing but it will give you a great starting point.





 capital letters and full stops




other punctuation




direct speech








exciting vocab (nouns and verbs)




fronted adverbials








neat, joined handwriting






What do plants need to live?

Before watching anything write down or discuss what you think a plant needs to live.


Watch the BBC clipshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z6m4kmn


Plant growth

Plants need air, light, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy. If they are healthy, they can continue making their own food through photosynthesis. Most healthy plants are upright with green leaves.



Either: - 

* Complete the activities on the BBC bitesize page


* Create a booklet telling people what to do if their plant looks like these ones: How to save a dying plant!

Choice of problems (they are not in the correct order!)

* Too much water

* Grown in the cold

* Lack of water

* Too much sunlight

* Lack of sunlight

* Lack of air



Monday 11th May

Start of the day

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Draw yourself as a hero and make sure that we can see your superpower!



Watch the video on rounding to the nearest ten then practise and check your answers.




The table shows the height of some mountains to the nearest metre. Complete the table and round the heights to the nearest 10 metres.

Can you create your own table rounded answers?



Reading: Extract 10


Day XX

A fortnight ago I wrote to Apollo, and gave it to my mistress. She promised that the overseer, who regularly travels between Rome and the farm, would take it to him, but I have had no reply.

This is a short day for the author to include in Iliona's diary. It may be a clue that has been left for an event yet to come.


Make a prediction

What could this entry suggest? Do you think it indicates good news or bad news? The mistress and overseer are mentioned why would they be included?



The story of Romulus and Remus is not over yet! By the end of the story Romulus has killed Remus and built the city of Rome (if it had been the other way around, I wonder what the city would’ve been called?) This week you are going to plan and write an ending to the story. Remember this is an adventure story.



You can plan your ideas in any way you prefer. You could draw pictures, a story map or use notes. I find it useful to have a beginning, middle and end. This is my story plan but you can have your own events and write your own Romulus and Remus story. I brought Mars back but you could have other characters.



Enjoy singing along to ‘A Million Dreams’ song from the Greatest Showman. Practise it a couple of times.




Now learn ‘The Greatest Showman’ dance by following the kid’s class on YouTube with Oti Mabuse and Marius Lepure.