WB 20/04/20

Friday 24th April

Thought for the day 

What makes you feel happy?


Start of the day

Draw an outline or picture of yourself and fill it with all the things that bring you happiness.



Watch the video on adding fractions then practise and check your answers. 




Complete these questions then make up some of your own!




Select spooky spellings:



Try watching the clip to explain what a conjunction is: 




Use the word bank for the following questions.


Place conjunctions

Cause conjunctions



because                  so

so that                  since


1. Choose the best conjunction to go in each of the spaces.


a.                                       she sat, she couldn’t sit comfortably.

b. The new baby cried                                    someone would feed him.

c. She arrived home quickly                                      she wanted to see her brother.

d. He had just sat down on the chair                                   the jam sandwich had been left.


2. Finish these three sentences with your own words.


a. I ate my sandwich because                                                                              .

b. I got on my bike where                                                                                        .

c. I arrived at my friends house early so that                                                        .



Try practising using more conjunctions:



Religious Education

This term we are going to be thinking about sharing and how it is a very important element of the Sikh religion. 


Think about some situations where you have shared or someone has shared with you.

Have a go at answering the following questions.


1. Why is it important to share?

2. Why might you not want to share?

3. What is the opposite of sharing?

4. What feelings does it give you to share?



Thursday 23rd April

Thought for the day 

What makes you unique?


Start of the day

Can you write down five things that make you unique, remember to explain why.


Example: I am funny because I like to tell jokes and make people laugh.



Watch the video on subtracting fractions then practise and check your answers. 




Complete these questions then make up some of your own!



Before a noun we often use ‘a’ or ‘an’

Copy and complete the following sentences using ‘a’ or ‘an’:


When Karl was in trouble he called for _______ superhero to save him.


The batmobile was _______ automobile.



Think about the nouns in the sentence, when do you need to use ‘a’ and when do you need to use ‘an’ ?





Can you explain why? What do all these words have in common?


French / Computing

Play the following games to practise the reading the colour words:


Log onto RM Unify via the school website (use your normal school login and password).

Click on Purple Mash

Go onto Topics

Go onto Languages

Go onto 2Simple French and “Launch App”

Go onto “Les Couleurs”


Play the Pairs game and/or Robot Chase (using the up and down keys)



Wednesday 22nd April

Thought for the day 

How can you show kindness to others today?


Start of the day

Read a book aloud for 10 minutes. Share the information or summarise plot, with an adult.



Watch the video on fraction sequences then practise and check your answers. 




Continue these sequences as far as you can!

Create your own fraction sequence and draw pictures to represent each one.



Write the super- or auto- words represented by these pictures.

Remember to use joined handwriting.


Task 1

This year we have looked at pronouns. A pronoun is a word that can be used instead of a noun.


For example: Tom went to the shop. Tom bought some bread.

In these sentences Tom is the noun, we can replace the noun Tom with the pronoun he:

He went to the shop. He bought some bread.


Now try this..

Task 2

Challenge yourself consider these questions:

Did you replace all the ‘Jim’s? Why?

What effect does using all Jim or all he have?



The Romans

For our new topic we will be learning all about The Romans. Look at the questions below and try to answer them. You can use the map and watch the video and/or do some of your own research.

You can also look at the knowledge organiser.



Video:  https://youtu.be/3X7D8yz6QFg


Who were the Romans?

When did the Roman era begin?

Where did they invade?

Who was living in Britain when the Romans invaded?


Name three things that the Romans brought to Britain.



Tuesday 21st April

Thought for the day 

How can you show politeness to other people in your house?


Start of the day

Complete three games on TT rockstars or practise your 3 & 4 times table.



Watch the video on constructing fractions then practise and check your answers. 




First create fractions for each colour in the shape below.

Next draw and colour some shapes of your own then work out their fractions!



Re-read the Roman Mosaic text from yesterday and answer the following questions;


Topic related text: Roman Mosaic

  1. What is a repeating pattern?
  2. Why do the instructions suggest placing ‘each collection of coloured squares in a plastic tub’?
  3. Why do you think some Romans decorated their houses with mosaics?
  4. Why do you think the instructions ask you to make, ‘a very simple large line drawing’ of an animal before adding coloured squares?


We are going to look at some words using auto- as a prefix:


automatic       autograph       automobile       autopilot       autobiography       autofocus  


 What do you think the prefix auto- means?


Copy them out using your neatest handwriting.


Dictionary definition: self or same or occurring from within.  



Practice spelling the super- and auto- words using the games online:

(single player games should be free)




Naming the key parts of the plant and their functions



Watch programme 1 - Parts of a plant (3:07)



If you can, investigate three flowering plants in your garden and identify the key feature.

Talk to your adult about each of the functions.


Create a poster of one of these plants and label the parts, explaining their function as well.

Explain your ideas, in your own words, so that we can all understand them. 



Monday 20th April

Thought for the day 

What do you feel lucky to have? Can you write them down?


Start of the day

Using the letters in this word, how many different words can you create.

                Easter Holidays

Example: date




Watch the video on representing fractions then practise and check your answers. 




Create representations for each different fraction and also make some fractions of your own!



Read the text and answer the following questions:


Topic related text: Roman Mosaic

  1. What is a Roman Mosaic?
  2. What sort of pictures could be found in Roman mosaics?
  3. What size should the squares be to make the mosaic?
  4. Complete the sentence:

Use some of your coloured squares to design a …………….. pattern to go in the border.


We are going to look at some words using super- as a prefix:


superman       superhero       superstar       superior       superficial       supernatural


What do you think the prefix super- means?


Copy them out using your neatest handwriting.


Dictionary definition: of greater size, extent, quality, surpassing others or being outstanding, beyond a standard or norm; exceeding expectations.



Here are some clues to some more ‘super’ words. You may have seen some of them before, some of them might be new words! Try to think of words with the prefix super- that would fit each clue.


1. Excellent or splendid:

2. Higher in position or rank:

3. A large shop selling food and other items:

4. A ‘super’ man:

5. The explosion of a star that causes the star to become extremely bright:




Think about being courteous to new people.


Courtesy is:

* Showing politeness in what you do and what you say.

* Thinking about the needs and feelings of others and being mindful of what will make them happy.

* Making people feel respected and valued.



civility      graciousness     chivalry


Think about a time you visited another classroom.

What did you want to find out?

What did you look at?

Who did you speak to?


Create some signs for the classroom, so that visitors to the classroom feel welcomed and can find important things.


Signs may include a welcome notice and information on the door, titles for wall displays and notes describing the displayed work.



Know about important composers in history


Composer of the week Mozart

Listen to a piece of Music by Mozart.

What pictures does the music create in your head?

What are you thinking about?

How does it make you feel?

Draw a picture to illustrate the piece of music. This could be a landscape, story or piece of abstract art.