WB 27/04/20

Friday 1st May

Welcome to a new month, happy home learning! We hope that you have worked hard this week and that you have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend!


Start of the day

In the sentence above we used alliteration (words beginning with the same letter), using the days of the week. 

Can you create a new name for each day, try to be positive!


_______________ Monday

_______________ Tuesday




Watch the video on lines of symmetry then practise and check your answers.




Sort the shapes / symbols / letters depending on whether they have a horizontal line of symmetry, a vertical line of symmetry or both. Can you add your own image to each category?



Reading: Extract 5


The sixth day

My parting from Apollo came sooner than I dreamed possible. For seeming me sob all the way home from the auction, the overseer clearly decided he’d have no peace until we were separated.


When we reached the house, he pushed me into a little room close to the door and bolted it. I hammered with my fists but simply got bruised and splintered. I lay on the bed and tried to forget I was a prisoner by writing everything that had just happened that morning in this journal.


I must have slept afterwards, for when I awoke the door was open and a little lamp burned in an alcove in the wall, casting shadows across the room. When one of them moved, I sat up quickly.


“Don’t be afraid,” the shadow said, and I saw its owner, a girl a couple of years older than me. She told me she was a slave too, and that I would be happy here, for the master was a kind and generous man, “…and his wife doesn’t whip us unless we deserve it!” she added. I asked her name, but before answering, she leaned out of the door and bellowed, “She is awake!”


She had just told me she was called Cytheris, when a tall and finely dressed women swept into the room and shooed her out.


“Lliona- that is your name isn’t it?” the woman asked, turning to me. “I want you to know how welcome you are,” she said, but didn’t smile. I asked if I could see Apollo. She looked puzzled, then left the room. A moment later, my little brother shuffled in. I jumped and threw my arms around his neck. We sat for a moment on the bed together, but before we had time to say much, the woman came back. In her arms was a sleeping child, about a year old.


The overseer followed her in, so I guessed what was to come. I screamed and begged him not to take Apollo but it made no difference. He pushed us roughly apart. Seeing my tears, the woman sat down, and put her arms around my shoulder. This started me sobbing again, and the child awoke. I thought she would cry too… but instead she grabbed my hand, and began sucking on my little finger. More gently her mother-my new mistress- began talking to me again. I was to be a companion and teacher for little Lydia, she said I would also teach Greek to Lydia’s half-brothers, Marcus and Lucullus. “We wanted to buy you because you already knew some Latin,” she explained.


Her arm around my shoulder, the warmth of the room, the child in her arm-all these things reminded me of home and my own mother- not in a sad way but (to my surprise) in a way that comforted me. And for a moment I forgot my sorrow and began to wonder if might be happy here. 


What themes are presented in the story so far:




Good vs Evil











Practise retelling the story so far using your story map.

Today we are going to practise using an apostrophe to show possession. Possession is when an object or noun belongs to someone.


For example: The crown belonging to the King becomes the King’s crown.


Watch the clip to further your understanding: 



Try to rewrite these to show possession using an apostrophe:

1. The palace belonging to the King

2. The sword belonging to Mars

3. The children belonging to Rhea- Silvia

4. The plan belonging to Amulius

5. The cubs belonging to the she-wolf

6. The basket belonging to the twins


Correct answers are at the end of today's learning.



Use some pieces of paper or sticky notes to write the colour words on.  Label objects around the house with the correct colours. 

Maybe you could put one of the labels in the wrong place on purpose to see if anyone can find your “mistake”?


Colour words:


English Answers:

1. The King’s palace

2. Mars’s sword

3. Rhea-Silvia’s children

4. Amulius’s plan

5. The she-wolf’s cubs

6. The twins’ basket


How did you do? Can you think of your own examples? If it helps put them in a sentence.



Thursday 30th April

Start of the day

Today is the last day of April as there are only 30 days in this month.

Can you remember the rhyme reminding us about how many days there are in each month?


Write it out in your neatest handwriting.



Watch the video on types of angles then practise and check your answers.




Match these up correctly then draw an additional angle for each type of your own.



Reading: Extract 4


My fourth day in Rome

The women returned this morning. They hung wooden signs round each of our necks. I was quite pleased that I could read the Latin words on mine, “Greek Maiden”. They also dusted our feet with chalk. This, I learned, was to show that we were newly taken as slaves, and so likely to be a troublesome buy.


“Greeks for sale!” the traders shouted as they pushed Apollo and I onto a little platform so that everyone in the crowd could see us clearly. When the bidding began, it was brisk, and we were sold to a tall man who bought no other slaves in the sale. As he pressed thought the crowd towards us, I was relieved that Apollo and I had been bought as a single lot- but anxious about what would become of us, I asked the man where we were going. He cocked his head and raised his eyebrows, as if he couldn’t have been more surprised to hear a dog speak Latin.


“You’re property of Gaius Matius,” he replied. “He’s a senator, and I’m his overseer. You’ll work in his domus here in Rome.” He turned Apollo’s right hand over to look at the palm. “Judging by the smoothness of his hands,” he said, “your brother has never done a stroke of work, but he’ll be useful on my master’s farm in the hills.” Then he pushed us forward into the square, “Come on. Shake that chalk off your feet!”


Answer the following questions in full sentences:

1. Who bought Lliona and her brother?

2. What does the word brisk mean?

3. Why did they put chalk on their feet?

4. What do you think a domus is?



Here is a story map representing the Romulus and Remus adventure story:

Try to use this and the Romulus and Remus story text from yesterday to retell the story. Practise using your voices to make the exciting parts sound dramatic!

Remember it doesn’t have to exactly match the words you are the story teller. Perhaps you could ask your family to be the audience and retell the story for them.


Religious Education

In R.E. lessons we are going to be learning about the Sikh religion. 

Click on the link and watch two videos: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zsjpyrd


Video 1: What is Sikhism? 

Video 2:  Who was Guru Nanak?


Write a quiz with five questions from the information that you have learnt. 

Don’t forget to include the answers.

You could try testing someone else in your family to see what they know!



Wednesday 29th April

Start of the day

Can you solve these questions? (Answers are at the end of today’s work)

1) What belongs to you, but other people use it more than you?

2) What is more useful to you when it is broken?

3) I make two people out of one, what am I?



Watch the video on identifying parallel lines then practise and check your answers.




See how many pairs of parallel lines you can find around your house!



Reading: Extract 3


My third day in Rome.

We reached this strange and enormous city two days ago-not directly but hopping like frogs- for we were bought and sold three times along the way.


At each auction Apollo and I clung to each other, in case we should be sold apart, but- praise be to Zeus- it has not happened and other children have joined our miserable band. At each auction our price rises (though mine more than Apollo’s, for I can speak fluent Latin and read a few words but he struggles to write even in Greek). Finally we came into the port of Ostia on a stinking barge, which I think must have carried rotten fish before us.


We were herded quickly through the streets to some dark, cramped lodgings. We had food to eat-bread, oil and olives- but we were filthy from our long journey. Creatures moved in my hair, my clothes were like rags and my eyes red from crying.


Today two women came into the room in which we were locked with other children. They took us out and gave us water and oil to wash. They cleaned our hair with fine toothed combs to remove the lice and gave us new garments to wear. I could not help but enjoy this until one of my companions snapped, “Idiot! Can’t you see that they prepare us for sale again?”


Answer the following questions in sentences:

1. Are the slaves treated well? Give reasons to explain your answer.

2. Would you like to have lived during this time period? Give reasons for your answer.



Here is the first part of the story of Romulus and Remus:

Questions to think about:

Was this close to your prediction?

What was the most exciting part? Was there something extra ordinary?

Did anyone go on a quest?



Draw a picture of a Roman soldier. You can add as many details as you like. Label it. You can use the Romans Knowledge Organiser to help you or do your own research.

If you have time, find out about how Roman soldiers worked together to defend themselves. 

You can draw or write about it.  Clue: formations


Riddle question answers

1. Your name

2. An egg

3. A mirror



Tuesday 28th April

Start of the day

Complete three games on TT rockstars or practise your 4 & 8 times table.



Watch the video on identifying perpendicular lines then practise and check your answers.



Right Angle Hunt

First, print and cut out the right angle checker below or create your own.

Then use it to find as many right angles around the house as you can while singing this!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3AOoLbA3us&t=1s



Reading: Extract 2


First day of our voyage

This morning before dawn we came aboard our ship. As the sun rose, the crew put out their oars and began to beat a splashing tune on the water. From land, I have often watched boats leaving the harbour: they seem to glide gracefully over the blue sea. From the deck the view is different: a hundred men or more must strain every muscle to push the boat forwards.


This morning, though, the crew did not labour for long. The wind blew from the land , and once a sail was raised, they could rest. I stood at the front of the ship with Apollo to let the wind comb my hair, as I had dreamed. Instead it teased it into a knotted mass which took an hour to untangle!


Fifth day

Pity us! Apollo and I have lost everything we loved and cherished. Now we are orphans and slaves, to be bought and sold like goats. We were but half a day from Rhodes when a sail appeared behind us. From the shape of the ship and the way it cut through the water, the crew could tell it was a pirate craft. Our mariners rushed to their oars, but though they strained and pulled, the outline grew even bigger behind us.


In the battle that followed, my mother drowned and my father was run through with a pirate sword. My tears flowed but I could do nothing. The pirates were not interested in the ship’s cargo of wine, only taking slaves, which they called, “self-loading cargo”. They took from Apollo and me all we possessed apart from my ink, pens and papyrus. These they let me keep because they guessed I will fetch a better price if it obvious I know my letters.


Our journey to Egypt is at an end. Now we have begun another journey, to the centre of the world: Rome.


Complete the following:

1. Summarise what has happened. Try to keep your summary to three or four sentences.



The story we are going to read is the story of Romulus and Remus, who were twin brothers. Some believe the story is made up but others think there may be elements of true events. Either way their story could be called an adventure story.

To find out more about adventure stories watch the clip: 



The main characters in our story are: Romulus and Remus (twin boys), Rhea Silvia (their mother), Mars, the Roman God of War, King Amulius and a she-wolf.


From these characters could you predict what the adventure story could be about? What could happen?


Make a prediction about the story- it only needs to be a few sentences but remember what the reader would expect to find in an adventure story.



Identifying outdoor plants around your home


Our world is filled with lots of plants. Sometimes, if we look really carefully, we can see so many different types.

This week, your challenge is to go and look around your garden, or on a local daily exercise walk, at the plants and trees in the local area. 



Can you find and name 12 different plants in the area around your house?


Draw a picture of each and see if you can name each one. (Remember to check that you have drawn all of the plant parts on that you learnt last week!)


Note -  please complete this safely and if you are spotting plants on a walk around the local area, take photos to draw from when you get home. If you can’t go out, use the internet to find some plants that you remember seeing in the past, or ones that you can see from a window!


Enjoy looking at nature!



Monday 27th April

Start of the day

Scavenger Hunt: Go around your home and find 6 things that are red.

Write each word down in your neatest handwriting, then put them into alphabetical order.



Watch the video on 2D shapes then complete the task. 



Additional Task

Group the shapes into Regular or Irregular then add some more of your own.




This week we will be answering reading questions based on the book, “Roman Diary: The journal of Iliona a young slave” Here is extract one:


This is the Journal of me, Iliona, a new diary for my new life in Egypt, year 3 of the 221st Olympiad.

My thoughts run faster than my pen as I write for this, today I learned that our lives are about to change- we are to sail to Egypt on a galley that that leaves the day after tomorrow!

We must make this sudden journey because my father has learned that a warehouse he owns in Egypt has burned to the ground. He must travel there immediately to see it rebuilt. Mother, my brother Apollo and I will travel with him to make our home in Alexandria for two years. It is a thrilling and wonderful idea, for I have never left our Greek island before. We have a fine, big house here on Mytilini, but in Egypt we will have an ever bigger one. Everything else will be different, too.  This, in truth, is why I have begun a diary, so that I might write down al that we do each day, and record everything while it is still fresh.

To help in my project, my mother has given me a writing set- a bundle of fine goose-quills tied with a purple ribbon, a knife to sharpen them, a travelling ink pot and a roll of the finest papyrus I have ever seen.

In just two days, we shall board our ship in the harbour here, and set sail from Mytilini across the warm Aegean Sea. I think I shall like to stand at the front, let down my hair and feel the salt wind comb and curl it! In little more than a week we shall be in Alexandria. I cannot wait for this adventure to begin.


Answer the following questions in sentences:

1. Where does Iliona live when she begins her diary?

2. Where are they going to travel to? Why?

3. What does Iliona think of the idea of travelling? What words can you find in the text to support your opinion.


Writing task

We are going to look at “Adventure Stories”. Try to think about what an adventure story is? What does it need?

Write a recipe for an adventure story thinking of as many ‘ingredients’ as you think it needs. You can change with the quantities to show how much of each thing you think a good story would need:


Recipe for an Adventure Story

* A teaspoon of ...................................

* A pinch of ...................................

* 500g of ...................................

* 100ml of ...................................




Sing a warm up

It’s good to warm up your voice.

This will help you loosen up, sing your best and make sure you don't hurt any muscles.



What are melody and pitch?

Melody is the tune. It's the part of the music that you sing along with.

Pitch is how high or low a note sounds.

A melody is made up of high and low pitched notes played one after the other. Catchy melodies often repeat the same series of notes over and over.

Watch this video to find out more about melody and pitch.



Then play the interactive game below the video.


Choose a song that you like. Try to notice when the pitch is high and when the pitch is low. Sing along and notice what your voice has to do.