Start of the day challengelaugh

Today, we would like you to develop a better understanding of syllables.
A syllable is a part of a word that contains sounds (phonemes) of a word. It usually has a vowel in it. A syllable is also called a 'beat'.

As teachers we often teach children to identify syllables by clapping the 'beats' in words.

You could first practise with your name.

How many beats/syllables does your name have? 

Clap It Out - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle


Wednesday frequency table-video

English- Research lesson

For this lesson, you will need to choose a woodland animal to research for your

non-chronological report.


Wednesday's English Research


Warm up- A dance warm up to start your PE lesson

PhysEdZone: “Dance Monkey” PE Warm-up - YouTube 



This afternoon in PE, we would like you to complete an animal workout! Please see the activity cards below. They are also on the web page if you want to print them out. You could have a go at completing all or some of the activities below! Happy exercising !