Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday and another day of Home Learning fun!


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you complete the sentences, choosing the correct words to complete the sentences?



Today we would like you to continue with your measuring.

Yesterday we explored different non-standard units of measure that could be used to measure different objects. Today we would like you to have another go at this but we would also like you to make some estimations before you measure. You can then think about how good your estimations were. How accurate were they?


Remember estimate means guess.  It should get easier to estimate after a few attempts.


Try to record you work in a simple table like the example below. We will also attach some sheets for you to print out, if this is easier.

Remember to use the same non-standard unit for each object to help you compare the lengths.  Can you work out how much longer or shorter an object is compared to another?


We would love to see how you get on. 



Today we are going to look at how to use ? and ! in our writing. 


Question marks are used at the end of a sentence and replace the full stop. They are used when a question is being used. Usually a question sentence starts with words like, what, where, when, why. 


Exclamation marks are also used at the end of a sentences. They are used to show an exclamation, a statement or an interjection. They look like a straight line with a full stop underneath them. 


Your Activity:

Today we would like you to read some sentences from our story, Not Now Bernard. Each sentence is missing either a question mark or an exclamation, Can you work out which punctuation is missing and add it to the sentence?




Can you write 5 of your own sentences?


Read a book to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. Are there any split vowel words in your book today? Can you spot and read any tricky words?

Remember to record your reading in your reading diary. 


Year 1 Phonics- o-e split vowel diagraph.

Can you read the o-e words today?

At least once a week, we would like you to have some time away form the screen. This means we would like you to complete an activity that doesn't involve using a computer, ipad, tablet or phone!


Today we would like you to go on a walk and look for signs that Spring is on the way! 

In Science we are learning about the Seasons. At the moment it is still Winter but it is getting ready to be Spring. How can we tell? What signs are there?


There are some sheets to use attached below, that might help you identify some of the signs that Spring is nearly here.

You could take some photos on your walk or write about it when you get back home and draw a picture. We hope you enjoy your work and your afternoon away from the screen.