Start of the Day Challenge


Today’s grapheme makes the sound ‘g’ in the word goat but it can also make the ‘g’ (j) sound like in the word giant. This can make it confusing for us when we are reading. This is why it’s important to listen to how the word sounds.  

Watch Mr Thorne:  


Read the words and sort them into two groups. Then choose 3 words to write in a sentence of your own. 



Wednesday's Maths


Today, we will be reading chapter 2 of our story 'Billy and the Minpins'!

I am very excited to find out what is going to happen next! laugh

Wednesday's English video



For PE today, we would like you to start with a warm up.

Watch the video and follow the moves to help warm up our bodies.


After the warm up, we would like you to practice your balancing skills. Have a go at some of the different balances at home, you could use a bean bag, a teddy bear or something else that is soft and small. How many different balances can you do?



Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco | Washing Machine Song!