We have made it to Wednesday. Only a few more days of Home learning to go!


Starter Task

For today's starter you will need a die. Roll the die, look at what letter you need to add and give the Alien it's name. Can you read what the Alien is called? These are split vowel diagraphs, so don't forget that the 'e' changes the vowel to say it's name not it's sound.



In English today we are going to write an alternative version to the story of Not Now Bernard. You will need the story maps you made yesterday to help you with this. If you didn't finish your story map from yesterday you could continue with it today and then use it to verbally tell your story to someone else. For those that did finish or who want to have a go at writing your own version I have put an example of a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) below. Remember to use capital letters and full stops in your writing and don't forget the exclamation marks! Don't worry if you don't finish the whole story today you can continue with it on Friday. We can't wait to read them and see what you have changed about the story.


Dad was busy hammering a nail into the wall. Hello Dad said Jasmine. Dad accidentally hammered his finger which really hurt. Not Now Jasmine! shouted Dad.

Jasmine went into the living room. Hello Mum said Jasmine. The water Mum was pouring onto the plant spilled everywhere. Not Now Jasmine! sighed Mum. There’s a monster in the garden said Jasmine. Not Now Jasmine! said Mum.

Jasmine walked slowly into the garden. She saw the monster. It was small and round and covered in fluffy, orange fur. The monster said hello then took Jasmine’s hand. They walked up the steps into the house together.


Maths 03.03.21


Today we want you to use the data you collected yesterday from your traffic survey and make a block graph. Don't forget to number the side of your graph, write the type of transport along the bottom and add a title.

After you have completed your graph try answering the questions to interpret the data you collected.


Example of how to complete your block graph



This is the data part you will need to transfer on to a block graph.


A graph to show the different types of transport

that went past my house


Spring yoga

Enjoy today’s Spring themed yoga session