Start of the day challenge

Last week in phonics, we looked at alternative ways of spelling graphemes that make the same sound. Can you write the words to match the pictures below?




Wednesday Addition


Wednesday Grammar


Warm up

Take part in some cardio exercises with Joe Wicks!


5 Minute Move Featuring Zara | The Body Coach TV

Another great workout aimed at Key Stage 1 but good for all ages.35 seconds work | 25 seconds restJump and twistHook with twistMarching on the spotWalk out t...

Main activity

Practise your shapes from our previous gymnastics lesson.

Can you remember them all?

Remember to hold your shape for 3 seconds.

smileyChoose 4 shapes, to create a sequence routine. Try to have a clear link between each shape moving smoothly from one to another.smiley


Try the two examples I have created below first and then try to create some of your own.

Example 1


Example 2