Start of the day challenge

In school, we have learnt about changing verbs into past tense.

Can you remember what these words would change to?


Today, you will be applying your division skills to word problems. Follow the same steps as we would do in school. 

Click the PDF for the powerpoint and activity sheet


Hopefully you enjoyed reading the ginger bread man story yesterday because in today's lesson you will be comparing it to an alternative story. 









Activity sheet- This could also be written in purple books


Retrieval practise

What is Geography? 

Can you say all the continents in the world? 

Which continent do you live in?

What country do you live in?

What town do you live in?

Do you know your address? 


Last week in school, you all drew an aerial map of the school the next thing to do is adding symbols and a key. The second part to that lesson we will complete when we are back at school. In today's lesson,  will  be exploring symbols on a map to prepare you for the lesson. 


Ordnance survey symbols

Below is a symbols sheet for you to complete. If you can't print or cut and stick, you can write the name and draw the symbol. laugh