Welcome to Wednesday and another day of Home Learning Activities.

Well done to everybody who has already been in touch with us this week to share the super work you are doing at home.


Starter of the Day Challenge.

Can you read the words below (they are number words) and match them up with the correct number written in digits?

Challenge: can you make up 3 of your own? Remember to use your phonics to help you spell the numbers you choose.



Click on the video link below to work through our lesson today. Sheets are attached at the bottom of the page in the useful resources section.

Adding 10 to a number.

Watch the video to work through today's lesson with Mrs Johnson. Today we are going to use the hundred square to add on 10 to a number.


Our new book focus is 'Dogger' written by Shirley Hughes.


Today we would like you to listen to the story and then complete a sequencing task. Can you order the main events in the story?

What happens at the beginning, the middle and the end of the story?


You can either print out the sheet in the useful resource section and cut out and order the images from the story, or you can retell the story, to a grown up, in your own words. 


Click on the video link below to listen to Ms Cooper reading the story to you.




English-Dogger Task.

Dogger-read by Ms Cooper

Listen carefully as Ms Cooper reads the story- Dogger. Remember this is our text focus for this week and next.

Lesson 36 - Year 1

Today we look at the alternative grapheme 'ir' Can you read the words? Join in and have a go.


Read a book to a grown up for at least 10 minutes. 

See if you can spot any of the new alternative graphemes that we have looked at in phonics, in your book.

Remember to discuss your reading and to record your reading in your reading diary too.

RE- Christianity, Jesus and his friends.


Today we are going to listen to another story from the Bible that shows how Jesus was a friend. 

Our story today is Jesus Stilling the Storm.

Click on the link below to listen to the story. You might want to pause the video and discuss the story with a grown up. 

Answer the following questions.

1. Why were Jesus' friends scared?

2.How did Jesus help his friends in the story?

3. How did Jesus show friendship in this story? was this easy or difficult for him? why?


Story Time.

Ms Cooper reads our story today. Enjoy listening to 'Little Monkey'