Start of the day challenge

Today, we will be looking at the grapheme ‘ie'. We have seen this before as the grapheme 'igh' and as a split digraph 'i_e'. 

laughCan you think of any words that have the ie grapheme?laugh


Watch Mr Thorne as he will remind you about the ie sound. After the video, complete the activity below.

Maybe you could write them in your own sentence?


ie digraph for /igh/ - Mr Thorne Does Phonics


Wednesday Arrays

Extension activity


Wednesday's English video-completing instructions


Superhero Workout!

This afternoon in PE, we would like you to take part in a superhero workout. laughcheeky


In the document below, you will find some activity cards to get you moving and exercising in different ways!


Remember your stretches like we do at the beginning of each PE lesson, have fun and enjoy! laugh