Welcome to Wednesday!

We hope you are all well and enjoying the week so far. 


Starter of the Day Challenge.

The first thing we would like you to do this morning is to complete a short activity on 'Go Noodle', called Rainbow Breath. Think about how the activity makes you feel today.


Rainbow Breath - Flow | GoNoodle

Learn how to raise your energy and face your day with this exercise. Have fun with it!


To warm up your brains today, see if you can remember the difference between odd and even numbers. Click on the link below to play a game.





Today we are going to carry on with counting in 2's.  Count from 0-24 for a grown- up. Can you do it backwards too?


Today we would like you to try and work out which multiples of 2 are missing in different sequences. 



     2       4                     12


Can you work out which two multiples of 2 are missing in this sequence?

It might help you to jot down the multiples or to use a 2's numberline. There are a selection of worksheets for you to choose from today and a few extension sheets if you finish and want an extra challenge. 



Today we would like you to complete another activity on the book A Squash and a Squeeze. It might help to hear the story again, or if you have the book, you could read it at home. 

Our activities today are based on the Reading Vipers. 


We would like you to try and answer 2 questions, in as much detail as you can, focusing on your explaining and vocabulary skills.

Task 1.


Task 2.

A printable version of these tasks can be found in the useful resource section, if you want to use these to write on. You can however write them on paper. 

A Squash and a Squeeze.

Ms Cooper reads A Squash and a Squeeze.


Read or share a book with a grown up. Maybe you could read another Julia Donaldson story? Think about what happens in the story. Can you predict the ending?





How many of the tricky words can you read? How fast can you read them? Maybe a grown up could time you. Make a note of the words you struggle with.




Year 1 Phonics 'e'

Can you read the words with the alternative e, ee, ea graphemes?

It's time to.........

This afternoon we would like you to complete an activity linked to the theme for  Children's Mental Health week. 

We want you to get creative and combine your Art and Music skills.

We would like you create 2 pieces of art work, using whatever media you choose, e.g. paint, pencil, crayons, collage, pastels, chalks. You might choose to use more than 1 media to create different effects. 


To help inspire you, we would like you to listen to 2 different pieces of music. As you listen think about how the music makes you feel. What mood does the music create? What colours could you use?  What shapes?  Could you add any words to your picture?

Your pictures can be realistic or abstract. There is no right or wrong. All we want you to do is, 'Express Yourself' It might help to listen to each piece and discuss the music with a grown up and then play it again, in the background, as you produce your picture.  We can't wait to see what wonderful masterpieces you create! Good Luck and Enjoy :) 





Story Time. Zog and the Flying Doctors. Read by Ms Cooper.