Week Beginning 22.2.21

Reception home learning for Monday 22nd February

Welcome back!

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We are going to learn a new grapheme today. It is ow.

Ow Sound Phonics

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Now go to seesaw for an activity.


Watch the video of the story of the week!

The Elves and the Shoemaker Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Watch The Elves and the Shoemaker Fairy Tale now. For more Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Kids Songs and Preschool Learning Videos click here: https://www.yout...


Draw a picture form the story and write a sentence about it!


We are going to practise writing our numbers today.

Other curriculum areas.

Reception home learning for Tuesday 23rd February 

Hello Reception,

Today is Tuesday. We hope you are all doing well at home. Stay safe and enjoy today’s work.


Today we would like you to play a phonics game on phonics play. Follow the link and login for free.







Try reading a phonic comic today


Choose a pair of shoes in your house. Can you write a sentence to describe the shoes?


This week we are looking at time. Look at a photo of yourself when you were a baby. How have you changed? How long ago was the photo taken? What can you do now that you couldn’t do then?

Other curriculum areas
see seesaw for today’s activity

Reception home learning for Wednesday 24th February 

Hello boys and girls. We hope you are well and having fun today. Find a reason to smile today!


 We have been practising our phase 3 tricky words. Can you read the sentences with tricky words?

tricky word sentences


Listen to this story about some magic shoes.

What kind of shoes did the magic shoes turn into?

If you had some magic shoes, what type of shoe would you like them to turn into?

The Girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes told by Mrs Beulah


 Think how the elves in the story on Monday helped the shoemaker. Imagine an elf came to your house. What would you like him or her to help you with? Write down your idea. 


Today we are going to think about the days of the week! Listen and join in with this song.



The 7 Days of the Week Song ♫ 7 Days of the Week ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

The 7 Days of the Week Song is one of our popular songs for children by The Learning Station. It is from the CD,download, "Preschool Learning Fun"Download "P...

see seesaw for a days of the week activity.

Other curriculum areas

Pretend you are an elf  from the story today. Have a go at one of these

1. try some threading

2. clean your shoes!

3. measure shoes and find the longest in your house.


Reception home learning for Thursday 25th February

Good morning everyone. Have a great Thursday! Can you remember what day it was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?


We are going to learn another new grapheme - oi. Watch the video.

See seesaw for todays activity

Phase 3 Phonics | oi Digraph

Phase 3 Phonics | oi DigraphThis is a short Phase 3 Phonics video to help teach or revise the /oi/ digraph, as taught through Letters and Sounds. It has seve...


Try another comic today. Look out for oi!


pretend you are the shoemaker. Make and write a thank you card for the elves!


Have a go at making this days of the week rainbow spinner. It will help you understand the words yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Here is the link for a copy of the spinner, but if you have not got a printer you could make your own!



Other curriculum areas

Watch this video for some days of the week PE.

Days Of The Week Song For Kids | Singalong Song

Learn the days of the week. This song will help your children learn the days of the week in a fun way, while singing and dancing along!Enjoy this song in the...

Reception home learning for Friday 26th February

Good morning Reception, 

We are nearly the end of another week home learning. We are all super proud of you! You are amazing!


Ask A grown up to hide oi and ow words around the house for you to find and read.


see seesaw


Can you write a word using ow or oi?


Today we are going to think how long a minute is.

What can you do in a minute. Watch the video of a timer of a minute? What can you do before it runs out?

Funny 1 Minute TIMER, Happy MUSIC and amusing Mouse TEACHER Dance

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Other curriculum area

Playing board games is lots of fun. It also helps us to learn to take turns and to solve problems. Over the weekend play a board game with your family!

Have a fabulous weekend!