Week Beginning 1.3.21



Thank you children and grown-ups for all of your hard work last week. You have been doing a great job! Remember to do what you can. We are almost at the end now and very much looking forward to seeing you all soon.

This week our story focus is 'The Three Little Pigs'.


 Reception Home Learning for Monday 1st March



Today we are going to learn a new trigraph. Remember that 'igh' is a trigraph because it has 3 letters that make one sound. Today we are going to learn about the trigraph  'ear'. It is a word on it's own but can also be found in other words. It is a very tricky one to remember so don't worry if you find it difficult, it just needs lots of practise.

Watch the short video below and join in with blending the words.

Can you read these words now and match them to the correct pictures?


Do you know the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'? Who are the characters?  What kind of place is the story set?

Watch and listen to the story below and join in with the parts that you know. Can you predict what happens next at different points in the story?

There are many stories of 'The Three Little Pigs'. How is this one different to one that you have heard or is it the same.

Why was the third little pig different from his brothers?

Do you like the ending? Why/ why not? Can you think of your own ending?




Draw a picture of the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Write a sentence/ words to go with your picture. We would love to see your pictures and writing!


This week we are learning about the numbers 9 and 10. Watch the Number blocks video.

Numberblocks - Meet Number Nine | Learn to Count | Meet the Numberblocks

How can you represent 9? You could show 9 on a 10 frame. What do you notice?

There is always 1 space empty on a 10 frame when placing 9 objects on there. Have a go at rearranging 9 objects on a 10 frame yourself.

You could use 9 objects and arrange them in a square like Number block 9. We can say there are 3 rows of 3 or 3 columns of 3.



Why not try and make your own Number block 9 using 9 small squares. We would love to see your pictures!

Other Curriculum Areas

See  for todays activity.


Reception Home learning for Tuesday 2nd March




Welcome to a new day. Remember that you are doing a super job!


Today we are going to be learning another tricky trigraph. Can you remember ear from yesterday? Today our new trigraph is 'air'.

Watch the video below and join in with blending.

Can you read these words and say them in a sentence? Remember to say full stop when you have finished your sentence.


      pair                fair

                 chair               hair


Can you find 'air' hiding in one of the squares?




Books do not always tell a story. Sometimes they give us information.

Share this powerpoint with a grownup to find out information about real pigs.

What information can you remember/ did you learn about pigs?

Can you tell a grown-up some information about pigs by saying sentences?



See for today's letter formation practise.


Watch the Number blocks video- Meet Number 10.


Numberblocks - Meet Number Ten | Learn to Count | Meet the Numberblocks

Let's look at ways we can represent 10.



Find 10 objects and see if you can represent them in different ways.

If we put 10 objects on a 10 frame, all the spaces are filled. There are no gaps.


We could use the 10 frame and 2 colours to represent 10 and find ways of making 10.


This shows 5 green and 5 red. 


This shows 1 green and 9 red.



Use the interactive game to find different ways of making 10 or draw your own 10 frame and circles.

Other Curriculum Areas

Can you make a house that you or The Big Bad Wolf can't blow down? Use whatever materials you have at home. Below are some examples.









Reception Home Learning for Wednesday 3rd March




We are half way there. Well done!


See for today's activity.


Can you write the ear and air words to match these pictures?





Extension- Can you write a sentence with one of these words in?


Below are 2 reading PowerPoints. You can choose the one that suits you best or do both.

The first one is for practising blending CVC words with the early phase 3 graphemes.

The second one is for reading sentences with phase 3 digraphs and tricky words.

Blending Practise

'The Six Pigs' Reading


Look at the activity below.



Today's activity is to sort representations of 9 and 10.


Other Curriculum Areas

Today we are going to do a little bit of music/ singing. Watch and join in with the three pigs story song. Listen out for the rhyming words.


Reception Home Learning for Thursday 4th March   


Well done everyone. Keep going. You are  doing a fantastic job!




See for today's phonics activity.


Watch and listen to the story below.

Can you remember the different rooms that Jack designed for his house?

Talk to a grown-up about what your house would look like if you could design it yourself. Try to use proper sentences.



Now can you design your own house/ home? What would it look like? Where would it be? Draw a picture of what you would like it to look like and then label the different parts or write a sentence about it. Remember to say your sentence first. 

Here are some examples of amazing homes.






Listen to the story, Ten Black Dots.

Ten black dots

Listen to the power point showing ways of making 9 and how we could use ideas from the story to create pictures using 9 or10 dots.

Composition of 9

Other Curriculum Areas

Think about your home and what it looks like. What rooms does it have? What colour is your front door? Is it attached to another house?

Do you have a front and back garden? Go for a walk and have a look at other houses. How are they similar/ different to yours? Here are some different types of homes that you might see.







Reception Home Learning for Friday 5th March



It's our last day of home learning today. You have all worked so hard. Well done!


Practise using your phase 3 phonics with this interactive game. There are other free games that you could try at different levels too.




Watch and listen to Mrs Mayers telling a story about a mouse that needs a new home.



The police are looking for 'The Big Bad Wolf'. Can you make a poster for them to show everyone what he looks like and write down some words or sentences about him eg. what he looks like/ what he has done.

Here are some examples of what it might look like.




Have some fun listening to songs about 9 and 10. Then

see for today's maths activity.

Well done everyone for your marvellous maths!

Other Curriculum Areas

Practise your huffing and puffing today with some blow painting. If you don't have any paint at home, perhaps experiment with some sauce or other coloured liquids. What happens to the paint/ colours? You could even draw a pig then turn him into a very messy/ muddy pig.






A big thank you to everyone, grown-ups and children, for all of your hard work over the past few weeks. You have done a fantastic job and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all again next week. We have missed you all!

So why not join in with some celebration dancing! 
We would love to see your celebration dancing (children and grown~ups!)