World Book Day 2021


You've all heard of 'The Masked Singer', the surreal and surprising singing show that asks: "Who is behind the mask?"  Well now, just for the community of Newfield Park Primary School, we have 'The Masked Reader'


Members of staff will wear a virtual mask and read an extract from one of their favourite books with a changed voice. They will then leave clues for you to guess who they are. 


Videos will be released every day next week. The following day, the ‘Masked Readers’ from the previous day will be revealed so you can see if your guesses are right! Can you guess correctly? Keep checking the website to find out who’s behind the mask!


Below there is a sheet you can record your guesses on if you wish!

Masked Reader Introduction

Today is our last day of the Masked Reader and we have four for you guess!

Masked Reader Friday 1

Who is today's Daisy Duck?

Masked Reader Friday 2

Can you guess who is hiding behind the Minnie Mouse Mask?

Masked Reader Friday 3

This one is a little different! Who is the frog?

Masked Reader Friday 4

Any ideas who is behind the Unicorn mask?

Who’s behind the mask?

Were your guesses correct? 
1. Daisy Duck was Mrs Nolan.

2. Minnie Mouse was Miss Hamer.
3. The Frog was Mr Tilley.

4. The Unicorn was Miss Parchment. 

Today is Day 4 of our Masked Reader. We have 4 readers for you to guess! 

Masked Reader Thursday 1

Who is behind the first Daisy Duck mask?

Masked Reader Thursday 2

Who is hiding behind our Owl mask? Can you guess correctly?

Masked Reader Thursday 3

Who is our Lion?

Masked Reader Thursday 4

Who is hiding behind the Sulley mask?

How did you do?

Did you guess correctly? Who was hiding behind the mask?


1. Daisy Duck was Mrs Saunders.

2. Owl was Mrs Mayers.

3. Lion was Mr Nolan. 

4. Sulley was Ms Malcolm.

Thursday 4th March 2021 - World Book Day!


Normally, we'd be celebrating World Book Day at school but this year we can't so here are some things you could do at home!


1. Dress up as your favourite book character. 

2. Take part in our Guess the Reader challenges.

3. Share a story with a younger sibling, older sibling or even a grown up!

4. Re-design the front cover of your favourite book.

5. Get creative - can you make your favourite character out of things you have in your house? Wooden spoons, potatoes, play dough? The possibilities are endless!

6. Try and read in as many different places as possible. 

7. Draw your own characters - 

8. Design and make your own book mark.

9. Enjoy an audio book -

10. Try and complete some of the things on this reading challenge:

11. Most importantly - ENJOY reading!


Send pictures to your 'Year Group Mail' box with anything exciting you do! We'd love to see what you're doing at home!  



Happy World Book Day!

Newfield Park, you are doing really well with your guesses. Here are 3 more Masked Readers for you. Can you guess who's behind the mask?

Masked Reader Wednesday 1

Can you guess who is behind the bird mask?

Masked Reader Wednesday 2

Can you guess who the Sloth is today?

Masked Reader Wednesday 3

Who is the Rabbit?

How well did you guess?

Did you manage to guess Wednesday's masked readers correctly?


1. Bird was Mrs Roper

2. Sloth was Mrs Messenger

3. Rabbit was Mrs Yates


Well done if you guess correctly!

Today you have 4 Masked Readers! Can you guess who is behind the mask? Scroll down to see if yesterdays guesses were correct. 

Masked Reader Tuesday 1

Can you guess who is wearing the Tiger mask?

Masked Reader Tuesday 2

Who is hiding behind the mask?

Masked Reader Tuesday 3

Who's that behind the mask?

Masked Reader Tuesday 4

Who is reading behind the mask?

Did you guess Tuesday's Masked Readers correctly?

Did you manage to guess Tuesday's masked readers correctly?


1. Tiger was Mrs Reynolds.

2. Sloth was Mr Roddison.

3. Beaver was Ms Harrison.

4. Sulley was Mrs Pestridge.


Well done if you got them right!

Today you have 3 Masked Readers. Can you guess who is behind the mask? Record your guesses on the guess sheet and look again tomorrow to see if your guesses are correct!

Masked Reader 1

Still image for this video
Newfield Park, here is your first Masked Reader. Can you guess who is behind the mask?

Masked Reader 2

Still image for this video
Here is your second Masked Reader. Any idea who this is?

Masked Reader 3

Still image for this video
This is your last Masked Reader for Monday. Who do you think it is?

Did you guess correctly?

Did you manage to guess Monday's masked readers correctly?


1. Octopus was Mrs George

2. Warthog was Mr Cochrane

3. Crocodile was Mrs Hussain