Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


This Term's History Topic is:


Image of Chichen Itza


This half term, Year 6 will be learning all about the Maya civilization, which flourished from 2,000 BC in modern day Mexico and Central America. This remarkable, pioneering and often mysterious culture continues to fascinate scholars today. How did the mysterious Mayan long-count calendar work? Why were their astronomers so fascinated by the stars and planets? What purpose did the famous temples at Chichen Itza serve? How advanced were Mayan writing and mathematics? Children will use primary and secondary sources to infer the answers to some of these questions, while also learning about the chronlogy of this period. 


As an initial focus for our writing and to engage the children with the faraway world of the Maya, we will be watching the Dreamworks film The Road to El Dorado. While this film is at face value an action-packed, child-friendly comedy adventure, its setting, characters and plot all borrow elements from ancient Meso-American cultures, providing the children with a valuable window into further research and investigation.


English - Autumn Term

Cover of Kensuke's Kingdom


In English lessons, our book focus will be Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This modern classic tells the story of a young boy who is castaway in the Pacific Ocean, only to wash up on a remote island occupied solely by a mysterious Japanese man. Kensuke's Kingdom is an engaging, vibrant and mature text that offers the children a solid introduction to the level of challenge and vocabulary expected in the Year 6 curriculum.



Both our indoor and outdoor PE lessons will take place on Thursday afternoons. Please ensure that you have the correct kit! 



English and maths homework will be given out on Friday and due in by Wednesday



New spellings will be given out on Friday and tested on the following Thursday.