History at Newfield Park

Studying history at Newfield Park fosters children's appreciation for diverse lives, evolving times, and their own identity - especially in local history. The curriculum spans ancient to modern history, encompassing global civilizations and emphasizing both British history and local studies. The goal is to inspire curiosity, encourage questioning and empower children to form opinions by considering arguments and evidence.


Our methodology aims to actively facilitate connections between topics and across year groups. It follows a consistent format to enhance the retrieval and retention of knowledge, vocabulary, and chronological links. The primary purpose is to serve as a reflective tool during each topic, allowing students to record key knowledge and vocabulary. This information is then reinforced when subsequent topics are taught, aiding children in establishing meaningful connections.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers play a vital role in every lesson, providing support and scaffolding for learning. Uniformly structured across the school, they enable efficient information retrieval. The front page includes key vocabulary with definitions, a chronological timeline, the inquiry question and a map - enhancing the learning experience. The reverse side categorises the substantive knowledge, organising it into sections corresponding to each lesson.

Enquiry Questions

The incorporation of an enquiry question serves as a foundational driving force for each topic. Rooted in authentic and substantial historical questions, these enquiries require pupils to provide ultimate answers. They often form the central thread within schemes of work, extending across multiple lessons. The overarching goal is for children to progressively build on their disciplinary knowledge throughout the unit, culminating in diverse ways of answering the question based on their individually formulated opinions.