A knowledge and understanding of history will enable children at Newfield Park to appreciate the lives of other people, how things have changed over time and develop a sense of their own identity particularly through our local history topics. Their learning should inspire children to ask questions, consider arguments or evidence and develop their own opinions. Our curriculum at Newfield Park covers periods from ancient to modern history and includes different civilisations world-wide as well as Britain’s history and local studies.


The teaching of History at Newfield aims to encourage children to ask questions, consider evidence and develop their opinions and arguments. Our topics will ensure coverage of the National Curriculum programmes of study including a knowledge and understanding of Britain, its history and how this has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. At Newfield Park we aim to give the children an understanding of their local history and how the area they live in has changed and influenced and been influenced by the history of Britain.

Our curriculum is organised using the following headings to reflect the key skills that should run through our topics:

  • Investigate and interpret the past

  • Communicate historically

  • Understand chronology

  • Build an overview of world history

Some skill strands will run through KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. This is to reflect longer term aims and how children at Newfield Park should build up an overview and develop their historical enquiry. These aims are:

  • Continuity and Change

  • Cause and Consequence

  • Similarity and Difference

  • Significance

Our History Curriculum should nurture the children’s curiosity, inspire them to discover the history of their locality, the country and the world. We should develop respect and understanding of the lives and past of other nations and ultimately succeed in achieving the objectives from the National Curriculum