Autumn 2018 Newsletter

We are looking forward to welcoming our new children into Nursery. We have been busy preparing the new classroom and outside area.

Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018!

Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 1 Mud Kitchen
Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 2 Mud Kitchen
Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 3 Art & Craft Area
Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 4 Art & Craft Area
Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 5 Home Corner
Welcome to Newfield Nursery 2018! 6 Hungry Caterpillar waiting at the Cafe

Many of you will be aware of our new building programme, which is set for a May completion! As part of that, and following many comments from parents over the years, we set up a, Governor led, Nursery provision in September 2016.


This has been a very exciting venture, which has gone from strength to strength. We have received amazing feedback from parents and carers whose children have attended. We have also seen a real benefit for our first cohort as they have moved into Reception this school year.


For the past two years we have only been able to offer 24 places – mornings only. However, we are now looking to expand, by offering afternoon places as well. We are now accepting applications for children who will start Nursery the term after their third birthday, meaning they could access up to five terms before they start Reception. Please note that at this stage we are NOT offering a 30 hour provision.


We will start allocating places after half term – Monday 26th February, so that parents and carers can start to make arrangements. So, if you have a child who is coming three, and you would like a place, please get in touch with school, to come and visit Nursery or complete an application form. All places will be allocated in line with our Nursery Admissions Policy, which has been reviewed to include the afternoon offer. We believe that there is enough interest for this to happen, however, if we are incorrect and not enough places are taken up then we reserve the right to remain at our current 24 places, mornings only.

We had a great time this week in the cold sunshine searching for numbers!

Take a look at what we found, to help us recognise our numerals whilst having fun!

Here are some pictures of our Nursery