Year 5


Easter Break

Happy Easter Year 5! We have been missing you all at school but we are sure you have been working hard over the last few weeks as well as enjoying spending time with your family.


We have created a document with lots of activities you could do over the Easter break if you would like to.


Don't feel like you have to do everything suggested, they are just ideas you could try!


We hope you have a lovely Easter and stay safe!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Maths Starter



Consolidate your shape knowledge by completing the shape activities on Mathletics. Remember you earn points while you play, which equals certificates. Prizes will be awarded for time and effort.



As many of you will be coming to the end of your second week away from school, why not try to take the time to reflect on the things you have enjoyed doing so far. Write them down and add an illustration too!




For your Science task this week, why not use this link to try to spot the ISS (International Space Station) overhead?

Thursday 2nd April 2020




Your English task for today is focusing on the correct use of semi colons.

We have covered this in our lessons and looked at how they are used to separate related independent clauses.


George was exhausted; he had been exploring the unknown for hours.



Re-write these sentences, correcting any mistakes that have been made and try to correctly place semi colons:

1) the comet came racing Towards them so thay was absolutely terrified

2) Cosmos was a computer. he couldn't run after the children to ;stop them

3) Eric was verry cross with The children because; they had ignored his rules for using Cosmos?



Create your own sentences based on our class text, correctly using semi colons.



Go on a 3D shape hunt around your home and garden.

Record the object and the 3D shape.


Pencil case = cylinder - 3 faces, 2 flat and 1 curved, 2 edges and 0 vertices.



In our recent French lessons we have been looking at vocabulary related to places in town as well as the directions of how to get there and the days of the week that you might you might visit them.


Your task is to create a poster/vocab sheet showing the different French words you have learnt, including their English translations too. Be as creative as you like!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Maths Starter





Your English task for today is focusing on the correct punctuation for direct speech.

We have covered this in our lessons, so make sure you remember the key rules regarding capital letters, punctuation and placement of inverted commas etc.


"Where on Earth, I mean in Space, are we?" asked George in awe.

"We are on one of the moons orbiting Saturn of course!" exclaimed Annie.



Re-write these sentences, correcting any mistakes that have been made and correctly punctuate the direct speech:

1) George shouted out i want to explore the whole galaxy

2) "How will we get home asked george and annie together,

3) george where are you called annie we need to hurry up



Create your own sentences based on our class text, correctly using direct speech.



In a previous Geography lesson we located the 7 continents, Equator and Topics of Cancer and Capricorn on a blank world map.


For your task today we would like you to research the Equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and find out what their significance is. How do they affect the weather/climate of the countries situated on or near them?



Tuesday 31st March 2020




For our English task yesterday we wrote the next part of the story from our class text, 'George's Secret Key to the Universe.'


Today we are going to look at editing and redrafting a small section/a few sentences from our work to make them as detailed and interesting as possible.


If you can, try to use a purple pen/crayon/felt just like we would if we were in class!



George and Annie stared out into Space.

With their eyes wide and their mouths open, George and Annie stared out into the vast and unknown space all around them.


Remember all of the things we can focus on when we edit our work such as:

- Spellings

- Correct punctuation

- Adding adjectives

- Expanded noun phrases

- Fronted adverbials

- Using all of the senses (show not tell)

And many other ways that we have discussed in class. Enjoy!


Maths Starter


Go on a 2D shape hunt around your home and garden. Record the object and the 2D shape that is part of it, as well as trying to identify some of its properties and whether it is regular or irregular.


Clock = circle, 1 side and not a polygon.



Monday 30th March 2020

English Starter

How many words can you make from the letters below? Make a range of interesting vocabulary then try to put them all into a weird sentence!





Our class text at the moment is 'George's Secret Key to the Universe' by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. In the story, we have just read that Eric, Annie's father, saved the children from Outer Space and has told the children they are not allowed to play together any more.


For your task today, imagine you are the author and can write what happens next in the story.


What will happen? Who will be involved? Where will the events take place? Have fun and be as creative as you like!



Maths starter

If 40 is the answer, what could the question be?

Make as many as you can using a range of operations etc.


2 x 20 = 40

37.5 + 2.5 = 40



You can copy this onto paper if you like!




Friday 27th March 2020

Geography Starter

As a quick and fun little task today, go through the alphabet from A-Z and try to think of countries from around the world for each letter.

E.G. A=Algeria, B=Belgium...etc.

How many can you think of?

Can you challenge someone in your house to play against you?



As many of you will have been away from school for a whole week now, why not try to create a poster illustrating the fun and exciting things you have no doubt been up to this week, as well as the people you have been with.

Learning at home!

Even though a lot of you are away from school at the moment, it doesn't mean that you have to take a break from learning, exploring and having fun!


As well as the many exciting things we are sure you will already be doing at home, we will also be trying to regularly update our class page with new and interesting activities and ideas of things to try.


There are two documents below already with a range of tasks and links to access and engage with at your own pace, but if you need a little more guidance and structure then we will also be giving you daily pointers on things to try!


Stay safe and see you all soon!


Mr Cochrane and Mrs Saunders! smiley

Welcome to Year 5!


Your teachers this year will be Mrs Saunders and Mr Cochrane! smiley


Could all children ensure they have the correct PE kit in school each week, ready for our timetabled lessons on Mondays and Fridays as well as any other opportunities to be active during the school week.







This half term, Year 5 will switch from their History studies to having a Geography focus. This will be based around London as a globally significant city. During this focus the children will cover the physical as well as human geographical elements of the city. We will also study different types of maps that can be used for a location as well as many other skills and knowledge opportunities.






This year homework will be handed out on a Friday and expected to be completed then handed in by the Wednesday of the following week.


Homework will consist of an English based task, a Maths task as well as spellings.


Spellings will be tested each Friday.


Housepoints will be awarded for completed homework and the children will have the opportunity to display some examples around the classroom.




As well as homework, the children will also be expected to take responsibility to change their reading books on a regular basis using the school library.


To encourage the children to read regularly at home, we would appreciate it if adults could record, in Reading Records, each time the child has read.


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