Year 2




Welcome to Year 2 


 This year's class teachers are Miss Parchment, Miss Hamer and Miss Golding. Miss Herbert, Mrs Cox, Mrs Sharkey and Mrs Pestridge will be supporting the learning of the children.


Reading books are changed once a week after your child has read and we encourage children to take at least one or two books.  Please ensure you are filling in your child's reading record as this is another way for us to communicate. Alongside guided reading, children will regularly complete reading comprehensions during English lessons linked to our topics. 




Image result for PE   PE.

P.E days are  (outdoor) and (indoor). Please ensure that the children have the correct kit and as we do P.E all year round it is a good idea to include some tracksuit bottoms and a zip up top or fleece for winter. Also if your child wears earrings please ensure they are removed for P.E as we cannot remove them.





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              Our topic this term is 'The Great Fire of London.' 

During the term we will explore the key events surrounding the Fire and look closely at the significant figures involved. We will cover aspects of history, geography and art as well as linking in to other subjects. In history lessons, children will learn about the life of Samuel Pepys and his diary. The children will use the internet to research facts to create information texts. Children will compare and contrast life now and in the past and use timelines to sequence events.The children will continue to develop their ability to ask questions. Throughout the topic, children will be given the chance to share their thoughts on the reasons why these famous people and events should be remembered.      







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Many of our English lessons will centre around our topic of The Great Fire of London. We will read stories and explore different elements needed for diary extracts and story writing (characters, setting and plot). We will have a strong focus on grammar within children's writing focusing on expanded noun phrases, suffixes, conjunctions and a range of sentence types and punctuation. We also cover non-fiction work, based upon the events of The Great Fire of London, exploring page layout and organisational features of non-fiction writing such as glossaries, alphabetical order and sub-headings.

Phonics remains vitally important and children will continue to work in small letters and sounds groups on a daily basis.




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Through our mathematics lessons, we will continue to revisit, consolidate and extend all areas of mathematical learning. The children will continue to work on the four operations, developing their use of inverse operations to check their work. They will practice using the partitioning method for addition, use a number line to find the difference between numbers for subtraction and continue to understand that = means the same as. Other topics covered will be measures, shape, handling data, as well as continuing work on place value and times tables throughout these topics children will apply their skills to real life situations through problem solving and reasoning. 

Daily oral and mental work will cover addition subtraction, multiplication and division calculations, number bonds to 10 and 20, rounding up and down and the application of calculation skills.  We would also appreciate you continuing to work on the x2, 3x, x5 and x10 tables.


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