Year 2

Transition to Year 3

Hello year 2, we hope you are all safe, well and have received your year 3 pack. We cannot wait to welcome you all into key stage 2 and as teachers, we are super excited to share with you all the new learning year 3 has to offer! Until then we would really like you to complete the activities so you can share them with your new teacher when you return to school.

*The story and all of the documents from the pack can be found below.*


Take care and have a lovely summer, 

Mrs Little, Mr Alsop, Mrs Oliver & Mrs Roper

heart Year 2 heart


Year 2, we have loved being your teachers this year and are so sad that we could not spend the whole year with you all. However, we have so many lovely memories of the times we spent together and are so proud of all that you have achieved. You are all so hardworking, and the work you have produced both in school and at home has been amazing. We are confident that you will have a brilliant time in Year 3 - where you will learn lots of new exciting things, enjoy getting to know your new teachers, and make lots of lovely memories. 


We hope that you all have a lovely summer with your family before coming back to school in September.


Keep smiling,


Miss Parchment      Miss Golding        Miss Hamer


Please contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Final Week Activities

laugh Because this is our last week before the summer holiday, we are having a fun week! laugh


We will upload different activities which you can complete each day! The daily themes are: Super Science Monday, Magical Maths Tuesday, Arty Wednesday, Musical Thursday, and Spreading Your Wings Friday. Have fun!


*Over the next few days, you will need to collect some different objects and materials. Please see Monday's science activities to see what you need. On Thursday, you will need jar lids, bottle caps, cardboard and kitchen roll tubes.*


You could complete the activities on different days if you would like to. 

A Message for Year 2!

We loved reading this super myth! Well done!

Monday 6th July

Early Morning Task:

Name the four countries of the UK and their capital cities.


Maths: Dividing by Sharing

This week, your focus is division (and some fractions too!). You will be drawing sharing plates/circles in order to solve division calculations and problems - this is something you have done before in school smiley



Task: Go through the PowerPoint below to recap, and then solve the calculations in the Chilli Challenge document.


Last week we looked at the features of an Explanation Text and this week you will write your own.

Your Explanation Text will be about the Lifecycle of a Plant so today we are going to learning more information about it.


Take a look at the information below and choose one or all of the activities to do.

A Sunflower Seed Growing

Still image for this video

Afternoon Lesson-Music

Click the link and to explore this interactive game and learn about layering music,

making a beat and creating your own song.



Tuesday 7th July


Early Morning Task



Maths: Division Word Problems

Following on from yesterday's learning, today we would like you to solve some division word problems.


Task: First, read through the PowerPoint below. Then solve the word problems - read each question carefully, circle the key information and draw your sharing circles to work out the answer. 



Yesterday we learnt about the Lifecycle of a Plant today you are going to use that information to plan your own explanation text.


Afternoon Lesson-PSHE

Today, we would like you to think about what it means to have a  'positive attitude'.

Look through the PowerPoint and discuss how being positive about yourself can lead to more 



Wednesday 8th July


laughKeep Smiling Year 2!laugh

Early Morning Task


Maths: Doubling and Halving

Today, we would like you to practise doubling and halving.


Task: Look at the PowerPoint and then have a go at playing the game below!

laugh Have fun! laugh




Today you are going to use all of your work from the past week to help you to write your own Explanation Text.

Write your explanation text in your homework book or even on a computer. You may want to write it in sections and have a break between each paragraph.

Don't forget those capital letters, full stops and conjunctions.


Today in art we are focusing on drawing self portraits. Grab a mirror and a pencil and then follow this step by step to draw a picture of yourself. We're looking forward to seeing them!


Thursday 9th July

Early Morning Task

Maths: Fraction of  Shape

Today and tomorrow, you will be recapping fractions!


Remember, a fraction is a part of a whole.


Task: Go through the PowerPoint first. Then look at the sheet below - write the fractions underneath the shapes, and then colour in the fractions shown.





Today we are going to look at interesting vocabulary. Take a look at the information and then play Synonym Snakes and Ladders.


Today in Geography is all about learning where we live.

Friday 10th July

Early Morning Task

Put these historical events in the order that they happened:

  • WW2

  • Victorian Times

  • The Great Fire of London

  • Prince Harry marries Meghan


Maths: Fractions of Amounts

Today, we would like you apply your learning on division and fractions!


Task: After going through the PowerPoint, have a go at the chilli challenge sheet - drawing sharing circles to find fractions of amounts. smileyyes



Today we would like you to use your learning from yesterday to make your Explanation Text even better.

Choose two or three sentences that you can improve and use your synonyms from yesterday to make your sentences even more fantastic!



Next year in Year 3 you will start learning French so today we thought we’d look at some simple phrases in French.


Practise the different greetings with or play snap game by yourself or with a family member.

Great use of the glockenspiel!

Still image for this video

Grasshopper Hop!

Still image for this video
A super performance of Grasshopper Hop! Great to see you enjoying your music learning this week! :D

Amazing Art!

Still image for this video
A time-lapse video of an excellent drawing based on the artist Rob Biddulph.

A super quiz sent to us :)

Some Useful Websites

Interactive English games


Games for 5-7 years olds


Free sign up to this website. Maths games and free maths activities.


Maths and English games


BBC Bitesize- Daily lessons at 9am


Cosmic Kids Yoga - some lovely mindfulness and relaxation videos for children


GoNoodle - fun and interactive clips with lots of movement, but also breathing and relaxation techniques


The Body Coach - daily exercise sessions with Joe Wicks, a great way to start the day!


David Walliams - daily audio stories at 11am each day