Year 2

   Welcome to our Year 2 page! 

laughYear 2 teachers this year are Ms Harrison, who will teach 2H and Mrs Johnson, who will teach 2J. Mrs Saddler, Ms Carr, Mr Nolan and Mrs Hadley will also be working in Year 2.  laugh

Ms. Harrison     Mrs. Johnson



We will use this page to keep you updated with useful information, homework tasks and to upload any school work in the event of any isolation or closure.  We hope you find the information on this page helpful. Remember, you can contact us on our Year group email should you have any questions, concerns or worries.



Spring 2- World War II.

This half term our topic is World War 2. 
The children will learn about how the war started, how life changed for people during the war and the impact of war. We will look at evacuees, rationing, the blitz, the role of woman and the life of a soldier.The children will look at a range of artefacts and sources of evidence and evaluate how useful they are in helping us to learn about the War. As well as learning through our History lessons, we will also complete many cross curricular activities including Art and DT where we will make tanks, sew and cook war time recipes. 

Remote Learning Pack- Spring 1.

Year 1 and 2 Christmas Carols 2021.

     Home Learning Activities for Monday 29th November 2021.

Good Morning Year 2!

Today we are unable to be in school and so our learning will be online. Please find lessons and learning activities outlined below.


REMEMBER to come to school tomorrow in your Pyjamas!

You need to wear pj's tomorrow for our exciting new English topic. To make it easier, you can  come to school wearing them! However, you will need outdoor shoes and a coat for playtime.

We look forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday. 

Spring 1 Topic- Serekunda.


This half term we are continuing to work on our Geography skills looking at Serekunda, the largest town in The Gambia.

Newfield Park has a strong link with The Gambia and we are very lucky that Ms Harrison has been there several times and works hard to raise money and send goods and equipment to our partner school. Throughout the topic Ms Harrison will share her experiences with the children.

In this topic, the children will learn all about the physical and human geography of Serekunda. They will compare it with Halesowen and think about how lifestyle, climate and school are different and similar to their own experiences. They will consolidate map skills from our previous work and make their own simple maps. 

Thank you to everybody who came to watch the children singing their Christmas Carols on Monday. We hope you enjoyed their singing. The children really enjoyed performing for you.

If you would like to hear their fantastic singing again, or if anybody was unable to make it, click on the QR code above and you can hear all of the songs that the children performed. 

Merry Christmas. 

English lesson Monday 29th November 2021

Maths- Monday 29 11 21

Watch the video to work through your Maths lesson on division.

Indoor PE- YOGA

At school we have PE on Monday afternoon. Try joining Jamie on a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure with Fernando the Silver Fox all about sleeping well and not being afraid of the dark!

If you're feeling energetic, why not choose another yoga adventure of your own choice. 🌈

PSHE- Global Learning.

In school we have been thinking about what we can do to help protect Earth and prevent Climate Change.

Last week we talked about small changes we can make that might help to make a big difference, such as planting trees, turning off lights, recycling and reusing and using less fossil fuels. 

Today we would like you to make a poster that informs others about the importance of looking after the Earth. Think carefully about the colours you use, the size of your writing, images that you could use. Remember, your poster needs to be eye-catching and convey a message.. It can be drawn, painted or produced on a computer.  We look forward to seeing your posters.

Year 2 Achievement Assembly 19th November 2021

Who have we chosen this week for Achievement? Watch the video to find out!

Remote Learning Pack

Year 2 Classrooms.

Phonics Information for Parents

Autumn Term Topics.

Autumn 1. The Great Fire of London.

This half term our topic is History based and will be all about The Great Fire of London.

During our topic the children will learn how, when and why the fire started and look at the events that followed. They will also consider why the fire lasted so long and compare it with how events would be different today. The children will also consider how we know about the fire and look at different sources of evidence and consider their historical reliability. In addition to our History lessons, the children will also complete art work based on the topic, use their creative writing skills and look at the city of London, mapping the spread of the fire, using their Geography skills.




Autumn 2- Newfield Neighbours.

Our second topic  this term will be Geography based and is called 'Newfield Neighbours'.

This topic builds on the children's learning in year 1 and will look in detail at different areas within Dudley that surround Halesowen.  We will look at our where we live, learning our addresses and learning how to find where we live on different types of maps. The children will also  learn about different human and physical features that are found within their surrounding environment. Part of out topic also looks at the journey of a letter and we will explore the different steps that a letter takes to get from post box to the address being sent.








In Year 2, the children will read with a member of the Year 2 team every week in school. Some children will continue to read individually to help boost their confidence and gain greater fluency. Comments will be made in the child's reading diary. We encourage you to do the same at home.

We have Library time on Friday and this is when the children will change their reading book. In Year 2, books are scanned in and out of a Library service and therefore it is really important that books are returned. No new book can be issued until a previous loan has been returned. Additionally, share books can be read  and enjoyed at home and these can also be recorded in reading diaries.




Phonics will continue to be a priority in Year 2. As the children did not take the statutory end of year 1 Phonics screening, they will be required to do this in Year 2. This will take place in Autumn 2. Prior to this, the children will be having daily phonics lessons, working in groups to re-cap and learn new phonemes. The screening involves your child reading 40 words, 20 of which are real and 20 made up/ alien words. The pass mark is usually around 32. Any child that does not meet this mark will take the test again in year 3.

Your child will be assessed early in the term and put into a group based on their current level. This will ensure that all of the children are being challenged and that any gaps from the previous year are plugged. 


Water Bottles and Healthy Snacks.

At Newfield we encourage the children to be healthy. Fruit will be provided daily, in Key Stage 1, for playtime snack. If your child wishes to bring in their own snack, it needs to be healthy and MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY NUT TRACES, we have children in school with severe allergies.

We ask the children to bring in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.  This needs to be labelled clearly with their name on, this can be refilled in school. Bottles are sent home each night to be washed. We ask that squash and flavoured water be kept for lunchtime and that children are encouraged to drink water in their classrooms.



The children will have 2 PE lessons a week. One indoor and one outdoor lesson.

Year 2 lessons are on Monday and Wednesday. 

Please make sure that on colder days, your child has warm clothing such as joggers and a hoodie.  Long hair needs to be tied up and all jewellery removed at home.

Like last year, it has been agreed as a school that the children can continue to come to school dressed in Pe kit, on the days that they are timetabled for PE.




Homework will be set weekly. This will be a short task focusing on basic skills, prior learning or even research for a new topic.

More information will follow on this and also shared and explained with the children.



Year 2 -Autumn Term Remote Learning Pack

Some Useful Websites and Ideas

Year 2 Remote Learning pack - Summer 2

Year 2 Summer 1 Remote Education Work Pack!

Numbots is a great website for children to practise their maths fluency skills.

Here is the link:

The children have been given their Times Table Rock Stars username and password which is the same for Numbots. 

A message from Mr. Payne!

A brilliant description of the Gruncher!

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PSHE lesson on mindfulness :)

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Expressing herself in pshe!

Still image for this video

Expressing herself in pshe!

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Well done! Super work!

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Super times table practise!

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Well done!

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A Marvellous Maths Investigation!

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A lovely poetry performance :)

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A super performance

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An excellent poem!

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Fantastic History learning!

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Another great performance

Still image for this video

A fantastic poetry performance!

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Well done :)

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Show and Tell!

A super show and tell based on some lovely home learning.

laughHave you been out enjoying the snow?laugh

We know school work is important but sometimes getting out and enjoying yourselves is just as important.

Send us your winter snow day pictures!!


Happy New Year Y2!

A special message from your teachers.

A message for Y2


Reading books will now be changed once per week on Fridays. You will take two books home and will need to bring them back by Wednesday so they can be quarantined before going back into the library. 


Please ensure that you bring your reading record into school each day. smiley

*Reading rewards will be given for every 20 reads signed in your reading record!*

Year 2 Reading

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

PE Days

Our PE days are as follows: 

Monday - indoor 

Wednesday - outdoor


Please remember to come to school wearing your PE kit on these days, ensuring that clothes are suitable for outdoor wear smiley


Children cannot wear earrings during PE (or plasters over earrings) so can these be taken out at home on PE days please.

Year 2 Christmas Song

Y2 Christmas Slide Show