Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Hello Year 2,


We hope you are all well and keeping safe with your family. We are missing you all!


Due to school closing, we will update this page regularly with suggested activities and tasks you could do at home. There is no pressure to do these or complete them fully - they can be revisited and used whenever needed. Any activities could be completed in the children's homework books.


Stay safe and take care,


Year 2 teachers 

Easter Break

Happy Easter year 2! Well done for your hard work over the last few weeks, and thank you to those who have emailed us photos - we have loved seeing what you've been up to!


We have created a document with lots of activities you could do over the Easter break, if you wish - please do not feel you have to complete these activities, they are just suggestions.


It would be lovely if you could email us some pictures of what you're getting up to so we can put them on this page (please see the email address below).


We hope you have a lovely Easter with your family, stay safe.


Year 2 teachers smiley

Friday 3rd April 2020

Start of the day challenge: Audio book

Go over to David Walliams webpage and choose an audio book to listen to.

They are free but some will be taken off soon so why not start the day with

a funny story. laugh

The link is at the bottom of this page in useful websites.


Maths: Repeating patterns with 2d shapes

Challenge yourself further by creating your own repeating pattern. Think about

changing the orientation too.


English/Science: Spring time writing

Today we would like you to create a poster, fact file or written report

about spring. Use the facts from yesterday's comprehension or explore the

website below for more information. You can add writing showing off your use of questions and

expanded noun phrases. You might want to add your own pictures or print images.

Be as creative as you want.



Art: Easter egg

Draw an egg shape on a piece of paper. Create your own Easter egg

adding patterns and using lots of colours. Please take pictures of your creative

work, we would love to see them.

Please Email Us

We would love to see examples of some of the activities and tasks you have completed at home - Maths tasks, English work, Easter cards, cooking, reading in your Reading Record book, anything really! Please email us so we can put some of them on our Year 2 page!




Thank you Jake 2P for your quiz. I really enjoyed it so Year 2 I think you should have a go too. I will put the quiz below with a link to the video.

Some Useful Websites

Cosmic Kids Yoga - some lovely mindfulness and relaxation videos for children


GoNoodle - fun and interactive clips with lots of movement, but also breathing and relaxation techniques


The Body Coach - daily exercise sessions with Joe Wicks, a great way to start the day!


David Walliams - daily audio stories at 11am each day