Design Technology

At Newfield Park, we want to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world.  They learn practical skills whilst developing their understanding of how products are designed and made.  Children are encouraged to think and learn creatively to solve problems as individuals and as members of a team, reflecting upon and evaluating their own and others work.

Throughout the year, children have the opportunity to gain skills and an understanding of Food, Materials, Textiles, Mechanics, Construction, Electricals and Electronics and Computing.  Links are made to other areas of the curriculum within lessons.  Here are just some of the things that we do.

Earlier this year, our Year 1 children were tasked with the job of designing and creating a perfume for Ms Malcolm.  They looked at current bottle designs and created their own class fragrance.  The winning bottle design was created and presented to Ms Malcolm.  During the Spring term, they make their very own book for our Nursery children using levers and slides.

Our Year 2 children make some amazing air raid shelters as part of their History World War II topic.

In Year 3 children step back in time to make traditional Black Country rock cakes and create Bronze Age round houses.  During the Spring term, as part of their South Wales topic, they look at mine shaft winding mechanisms and have a go at creating their own using cotton reels.

In Year 4, the children have been busy making Anglo-Saxon brooches.  During the Spring term, they help to save the planet by making old t-shirts into their very own designer bags.  As part of their Geography topic 'The River Gambia' in the Summer term, they make Gambian drums and other instruments.

Our Year 5 children make canopic jars as part of their History topic 'Ancient Egypt' and create their very won bridges or towers as part of their London topic.

In Year 6 the children make scale models of Chichen Itza out of wood as part of their History topic.  During the festive season, they are busy designing and making their very own games for children in other year groups to play at the Mini Games Afternoon and Christmas Fayre.  They also do some fantastic sewing when creating group collages of Birmingham landmarks.

DT also forms part of our residential visits too.