Year 3

Transition to Year 4

We're super-excited to welcome all of you to Year 4 in September, but before we do, we have some fun-filled transition activities for you to complete at home over the summer! We'd love to see your finished activities when we're back at school in our new classes. Everything you need should be in the documents below. Stay safe and have a great summer!


Welcome to your final week of home learning!

You might find the format is slightly different this week, should you have any extra time why not go back and try some of the task you might have missed out on? All previous weeks activities can be accessed by clicked on the relevant pencils found further down the page.

We have loved seeing what you have been doing, if you have anything else to share, it is not too late to send it in. Keep smiling and stay safe!  


Monday 13th July

Start of the day

A rebus is a visual word puzzle that uses lateral thinking to find its intended meaning. The word or phrase is shown and you need to think creatively to figure out the meaning from the clues they’re given.


Maths Investigation



Rewrite this conversation between Dani and her father, adding in the missing inverted commas.

Remember: Whenever a new person starts talking, you must move onto a new line.


How did you get mud all the way up to your knees? Dani’s father asked, with a frown.
I met a dragon in the wood on the way home exclaimed Dani. We went on a big adventure! I suppose you’ll tell me you were fighting giants next! her father said, with a wink.
And wizards and witches said Dani smiling. We won!



Write some sentences or a paragraph containing correctly punctuated dialogue about any topic you like!




Orienteering is a sport that involves a race marked out on a map. In following the course map, the runners have to find a number of checkpoints. The person who finds all the checkpoints, in the right order, in the shortest time, is the winner.


String courses are marked from beginning to end so you just have to follow the trail.

Basically, you are finding the checkpoints along the way - so it is a type of treasure hunt! Checkpoints are marked with a white and orange flag and are often hidden away, making them fun to find.


Either in your garden or around a room in your house, can you create your own course for someone to follow.

You will need to make:

Some checkpoint cards, like above.

*A map for someone to follow and find the checkpoints.



You could always add a hidden letter/ message so the person following the course has to work out the answer.



A reflection on your year.

Reflection is when we think back and evaluate how something has gone. We can think about positives and negatives but most importantly it usually makes us to think about how these thoughts can change the future.


Normally at the end of the year we ask you to reflect on the time that you have spent in Year 3. For today’s PSHE task, we would like you to sit down and reflect on these statements. You can either write them down or talk about them with an adult. If you did write them down, it might be nice to share it with your new teacher in September.


1) Three subjects I enjoy at school and why.

2) Three areas I want to improve.

3) Three achievements that I am most proud of.

4) Three things that I improved most at school.

5) Other things I have enjoyed at school and why/favourite memories e.g. clubs.

6) What I want to achieve next year and am looking forward to.


Starter of the day answers

1. Top secret

2. Think outside the box



If you would like to exhibit any of the activities or projects you have been completing at home, please email pictures with a brief explanation (if needed) to the address below. We cannot wait to see what you have to share!


Further activities can be found on the school closure document


Useful Websites

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Spelling Shed

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PE with Joe

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