Achievement certificate winners this week.



Mrs Malcolm achievement video

Mrs Beulah's Class Achievement

Class RRY Achievement

Achievement certificate winners this week.


Mr Payne

Mrs Beulah’s class achievement certificates

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Class RRY Achievement

Spring 2 Remote Learning Pack!

A message from Mr. Payne!

Look what’s happening in our Early years outside area. We are very excited. Watch this space for more photos.

Its getting even more exciting today.

look what’s happening today!

The diggers have arrived today!

The artificial grass is going down today so we can use all the exciting things all year round!


Reception Remote Learning Pack!

Parents, For extra phonics work at home use website below. Children are working on phase 2 and 3.
can also download the twinkl phonics app which has phase 2 and 3 activities.



A message from Mrs Underhill

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Reception Christmas celebration






Look at our lovely new sign. 

Please find below letter formation we use in school:

We would be grateful if you could help your child learn to put on their own coat and fasten it. Not only would that be useful for us, it is a a Government expectations for Reception aged children. It will also give your child a greater level of independence and make their feel a real sense of achievement.

In Maths in the next few weeks we will be exploring how numbers are represented in different ways. One of the ways we will be exploring is the BBC's Numberblocks programmes. You might like to watch some of these at home with your child.


Check out our classrooms and outside learning area!

Rb construction area