Summer 2

This half term we will begin by celebrating the Queens jubilee, finding out about he Queen her job and role. We will sort pictures ordering time sin the Queens life and we will find out why she is called Queen Elizabeth the second. We will plan a street party for us all to enjoy.

Our next topic will be Pirates! We will make up imaginary maps, find out about real pirates in the past, and explore lots of pirate books, talking about the characters, what they look like and the problems they have. we will have a go at making up our own stories and even writing them. We will find out about the features of a desert island. 

Our final topic is holidays. we will explore the features of a seaside and compare them to the features of Halesowen. We will look at a seaside resort in England. We will taka bout, and find out about how we can travel to our holidays and discuss the different places here and abroad that we have been to.



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Reading list

As you may already know, with young children, it is vitally important, not only to teach them to read, using a systematic phonics approach, and listening to them reading phonics books based upon their level of ability, it is also vital to read to your child.

Reading to your child enables them to foster a love for reading, improve their language development, and is generally an enjoyable experience for parent and child. The book you read to them should generally be a harder level than you would expect them to read. We have produced a list of high quality books that we will be sharing in class. You may find that you wish to purchase or borrow from the library some of these books. Please find the list below  and some other links with information about the importance of sharing books with your child.



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