Reception home learning for Monday 5th July

Hello everyone, 

We are really sorry that you are having to learn at home again. Don't  worry we will all be back together again soon. We know you will be fabulous with your online learning. Some of it will be set on seesaw so we will be able to talk to you about the work you are doing. Keep smiling, and be really amazing for the adults looking after you at home.


Listen to this pirate story:


The Pirates Next Door - Book Read Aloud

Meet the Jolley-Rogers - a pirate family who is moving to Dull-on-Sea, a quiet seaside town, while they fix up their ship. This unusual family soon has the w...

Do you think the neighbour were kind or unkind in this story? 

How would you feel if there were pirates living next door?

Do you think the pirates will come back? What might happen next time?


See seesaw for todays activity


Can you write some sentences to describe the pirate? Don't forget to start each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop. Remember to use finger spaces, and use your phonics to help you spell words. Put your writing on seesaw for us to read!


see seesaw for todays activity

Other curriculum areas:

Can you remember we learnt about what we might find on a treasure island? We also learnt what an island is? can you explain to a grown up what an island is? Talk about some of the things we might find there: forests, mountains, swamps, ponds, rivers and beaches. Have a go at drawing or making a treasure island.

We have put a picture of a treasure island on seesaw so that you can add a pirate boat. Why don't you give it a go?

Have a lovely day!

The Reception team


                       Reception Home Learning for Tuesday 6th July



Well done everyone for the amazing work that you were doing yesterday. Try your best with a new day of learning.


Practise reading phase 4 words with the game below. You can change to another phase if you need to.


Today we are going to do some problem solving and find different ways to make 6. Find 3 containers and label them 1,2 and 3. Can you throw a 2 balls or soft toys into the correct buckets to make 6. Try using 3 balls/toys. How many ways are there? Can you write the calculations to match?

What is the highest score you could get with 3 balls/toys?



Watch and listen to the story below. This is by the same author as the story yesterday, Jonny Duddle. You can listen to the author talking about his time on ships too.

The Pirate Cruncher with Jonny Duddle

How did the pirates feel at different parts of the story?

What does greedy mean? Do you think the pirates were greedy?

What happened at the end of the story? Did you like the ending? Why?


See for a reading game.


Can you write phase 4 words to match the pictures below.



Can you write a sentence using one of the words?

Other Curriculum Areas

Practise your yoga positions with the video below

Pirate Kids Yoga | Cosmic Kids

Reception home learning for Wednesday 7th July

Hello and good morning everyone,

Thank you to all of you are completing the work we are setting. You are doing an amazing job! We love seeing all your work on seesaw! It makes our day!


Please complete the phonic activity on seesaw.


Share one of your favourite books with an adult. Can you draw a picture from the story? Which is your favourite part? Why?

Please complete the reading activity on seesaw.


Write a sentence about your favourite book to go with your picture. Don't forget to post what you have done on seesaw. For some extra work, you could always practice writing your letters correctly.


Can you remember creating repeating patterns? Today we would like you to collect some objects , maybe different coloured lego pieces or crayons so that you can have a go at creating a more complex repeating pattern.

The pattern we would like you to have a go at is an ABBC pattern. Look at the picture below and say the colours you see then have a go at making your own ABBC pattern. You could draw the pattern you have made.

Why not have a go at making different types of repeating patterns. Look at the different types below.

Other Curriculum Areas

Find a selection of objects to take into the bath or put in a bowl of water. Can you predict which objects would float and which would sink? Were you right? You could draw a chart and tick or cross if you were right or wrong. Why do you think they float or sink? What materials are the objects made from? (A good one to try is a small orange with and without the peel)




You may even want to make your own boat that floats.



Reception Home learning for Thursday 8th July.

Good Morning everyone! It's Thursday and you have all worked so hard this week. We are very proud of you, so keep going and have a lovely day!


Listen to the story and talk about it with a grown up. Would you like to go on an adventure with the Night Pirates? Where would you go?

The Night Pirates

Have a go at reading these sentences.


The ship has a flag.


X marks the spot.


There are ten coins in the chest.


He has a hook for a hand.


She has to scrub the deck.


Think about the story of The Night Pirates. Write a sentence about where you would go if you had an adventure with them. You may even want to write your own story. Where do you go? What happens on your adventure? How does your story end? Remember to include full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.


Please see seesaw for today's phonics activity.


Yesterday you created repeating patterns. Today we would like you to create a repeating pattern that goes in a circle. You need to make sure that the pattern is repeated all the way round. You could start off with an ABC pattern then try to move onto an ABBC pattern.


Look at these repeating patterns that do not just go along in a line. Have a go at creating your own continuous patterns.

Other curriculum areas

Why not dress up as a pirate today? Perhaps you could wear an eye patch or a pirate hat and enjoy joining in with these pirate songs. Have fun!


Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be

Silly Pirate Song | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

Port Side Pirates! | Barefoot Books Singalong

Reception home learning for Friday 9th July

Hello Reception

All of your teachers want to say a big well done for all your hard work at home this week. We can't wait to see you all next week! We are looking forward to a fabulous end of term!


Please see seesaw for phonics work today.


Can you read these sentences and answer either yes or no?




Why not write some silly sentences of your own? Don't forget you would need a  ? at the end instead of a full stop.

Her are some examples:

Can a pig sing?

Is the sun black?

Can a flag run?



Please see seesaw for the maths activity today.




Other curriculum areas:

Earlier in the week you investigated floating and sinking. Today could you make boats out of tin foil and see which one holds the most pennies. Does the shape of the boat make a difference. See the link below. You could post you investigation on seesaw for us to see.

Well done Reception for all your hard work at home. We can not wait to see you next week, and have a great time together before the end of term. Sports day will be on Thursday next week. Please wear suitable clothes and shoes.



Reception Learning Summer term 

Our next topic will be Dragons and Castles. The children will make up stories about dragons, castles, fairies, princesses etc. We will have a go at writing stories, either together or independently. We will learn about life in castles in the past, and how it is different from our lives today. We will listen to lots of dragon stories to inspire us, and hopefully we will be able to talk about what we have listened to. 


In Reading and writing we will continue to learn phase 2, 3 or  4 letters and sounds in our phonics lessons. It would be useful if you could help your child to practise any tricky words that are sent home. To be expected levels of learning, children will need to read books with phase 3 vowel digraphs by the end of Reception. Similarly,  in writing the children will need to write sentences, applying phase 3 vowel digraphs when writing. We will encourage writing by writing stories, letters. lists etc in the classroom.


In Maths we will be working on identifying numbers greater than 10 and how they can be represented in different ways. We will be doubling numbers and identifying odd and even numbers. The children will start to make links between addition number bonds they have already learnt and corresponding subtraction facts. (eg if they know 4 +1 is 5, then they know that 5-1 is 4). We will also be exploring and devising more complex patterns.

Remote Education Pack (Summer 1)

Spring 2 Remote Learning Pack!

Reception Remote Learning Pack!

Parents, For extra phonics work at home use website below. Children are working on phase 2 and 3.
can also download the twinkl phonics app which has phase 2 and 3 activities.



A message from Mrs Underhill

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Reception Christmas celebration






Look at our lovely new sign. 

Please find below letter formation we use in school:

We would be grateful if you could help your child learn to put on their own coat and fasten it. Not only would that be useful for us, it is a a Government expectations for Reception aged children. It will also give your child a greater level of independence and make their feel a real sense of achievement.

In Maths in the next few weeks we will be exploring how numbers are represented in different ways. One of the ways we will be exploring is the BBC's Numberblocks programmes. You might like to watch some of these at home with your child.


Check out our classrooms and outside learning area!

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