Year 4



Welcome to Year 4! 

Our teachers are Mr Tilley and Ms Harrison

School Closure

While school is closed, learning doesn't have to stop. We will be updating the school website as often as we can to ensure that everyone has something to do at home and that learning can continue. Please check in with the website every day to see if there are any new tasks, challenges and activities. Remember that these are only a guide! You can do so much more than what is just suggested here! 

Suggested Easter Activities

Hi all, we hope you are keeping your bodies and minds fit and healthy and are making the most of the activities we are putting on here for you. As it is the Easter holidays we are not going to layout the activities quite the same. Below is a list of things you might like to do during the holidays. Happy Easter everyone!



TT Rockstars battle is still going!



Could you create a home shop? Practise giving change and adding totals.

Bake something, maybe an Easter cake. Practise weight and measure for maths and changing state in Science!



Read a book and create a new blurb and front cover.

Create a non-fiction book review.

Write an Easter acrostic poem. Using each letter in Easter to begin the next line.

Practise the spellings we have done so far at school. Can you complete spelling pyramids then put them into sentences? Remember to create the best sentences you can and use all punctuation correctly. The 3/4 word list can be found below:



Play world country hangman:

Try out these Geography games. There is lots to find out about countries and continents:



Create an Easter card for your family

Can someone in your family teach you to sew? To keep our PSHE scheme of reduce, re-use and recycle going can you make something new out of something you no longer use?


PE and well-being


Useful cross curricular websites:  Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Classroom Resources

These are links to free resources that we use in the classroom daily. They're all fun things that will help you learn new stuff and practise what you already know! 


Times Table Rock StarsWe all know and love TT RockStars! Keep improving your scores! 

Mathletics Access practise activities and videos for the whole maths curriculum. 

GoNoodleFun keep-fit dance routines and chants that we do on wet PE days. 

Cosmic KidsVideo-led yoga sessions. Lovely and relaxing! 

Supermovers Times table songs and practice. 

BBC Teach - A wonderful wealth of videos and educational material available for free. 

TT RockStars

Come on lads! You need to catch up!

The Best of Athens - Athens, Greece

Remember our geography lesson last week where we went on our bicycle tour of Athens? Well this video shows you pretty much all of the sights we looked at! Watch the video, pick one of the tourist sights and do some research to find out more, then make a tour guide booklet or leaflet about it!