Year 4



Welcome to Year 4! 

Our teachers are Mr Tilley, Ms Harrison and Miss Hamer

Home Learning Feedback

We hope the last two weeks of home learning videos have been useful - please take a minute to fill in the following questionnaire. Your parents will be asked to fill a different one in - you can do this one by yourself! 

Remote Learning Daily Work

For those of you who aren't able to continue your learning in school this week, we're providing all the resources you need for you to do exactly the same learning at home! You'll see the same PowerPoints, use the same resources, and even have a teacher explain things to you. Please complete all the tasks carefully and thoroughly. If you have any questions, please email our Year 4 inbox and we'll be happy to help. 


Monday 19th October

Maths - Doubling Numbers

English - Headline and Introduction

PE - Go Noodle

Do this Go Noodle video then head to YouTube to find some more fun activities to do!

Computing - Getting Started With Scratch

You've got more than just PE to do today! We'd like you to have a play around with Scratch. This video tutorial explains how to set up an account - only do this with your parents' permission! If you don't want to make an account, you can skip the first part of the video that explains how to make one and jump straight into creating a project. 

Tuesday 20th October

Maths - Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000

English - Writing the First Paragraph

RE - Life at Home - The Shema

Wednesday 21st October

Maths - Mental Multiplication

English - Writing the 2nd Paragraph

Geography - OS Maps

Thursday 22nd October

Maths - Grid Method

English - Final Paragraph

Science - Assessment

Friday 23rd October

Maths - Formal Written Multiplication

English - Reading Comprehension

PSHE/History - Harriet Tubman

Year 4 Remote Learning Work Pack

We're really excited to welcome our new classes back to school for a brand new school year! As the year gets into full swing, we'll be updating the website regularly with new information. You'll be able to find your homework, spellings, dates and important news updates. Keep checking the website regularly, especially when your teachers ask you to!

TT RockStars Superstar of the Week

Quite an interesting battle this week! Some of 4LH may have had a bit of an advantage whilst working from home, but it was still close! The winner of the effort competition with well over an hour a day is Cole Korthe from 4LH! Well done! 



Homework is set on Fridays. Homework now needs to be back in school by Tuesdays at the latest. This is so that books brought in from home can go through a 72 hour quarantine period. Check the website for the latest homework tasks. 


Friday 16th October


This week, we want you to think about 10 words that you really struggle to spell. What do you get wrong most of the time? These are the words that you are going to practise at home ready for next week!

Remote Learning Archive

All videos uploaded to YouTube are linked to playlists so you can re-watch them if you need to. Here are links to the Remote Learning playlists. 








We're on a slightly different PE timetable for Year 4 this year - check your class in the table below to see which day you've got PE on. 


4T  4LH 4GH














Library Books and Reading Records

Please bring your library books and reading records back into school on Monday or Tuesday. If you want to swap a book, these are the only days that we can have them brought back into school. Books need to undergo 72 hours of quarantine time before they can be put back into the library. New books are issued on Fridays. 

Classroom Resources

These are links to free resources that we use in the classroom daily. They're all fun things that will help you learn new stuff and practise what you already know! 


Times Table Rock StarsWe all know and love TT RockStars! Keep improving your scores! 

Mathletics Access practice activities and videos for the whole maths curriculum. 

GoNoodleFun keep-fit dance routines and chants that we do on wet PE days. 

Cosmic KidsVideo-led yoga sessions. Lovely and relaxing! 

Supermovers Times table songs and practice. 

BBC Teach - A wonderful wealth of videos and educational material available for free.