Year 4

Home Learning Update

Back to it again unfortunately guys! There will be home learning packs on the website (similar to the first lockdown) and we'll work on videos from Friday to keep you all entertained.


Please make sure you can access Teams - if you can't let us know by emailing There are full guide videos below that explain how to get on in case you've forgotten!

Tutorial: How to Access RM Unify and Teams

Follow the tutorial to access RM Unify and Teams from a computer.

Follow the tutorial to access RM Unify and Teams from an Android tablet or phone.

Teams on Amazon Devices

One of our awesome parents has very kindly let us know how to access Teams on an Amazon Kindle Fire device, as the Google Play store doesn't work on all of these devices. Follow the guide below and use the instructions in the link to download the app.


Once they’ve downloaded the APK (several options for APK come up, I chose APKpure) they can use the search box within the APKpure app to search for teams and continue following Mr Tilley’s tutorial for the android tablet.


The APKpure download and the Teams download take a few minutes each so be patient as there isn’t a progress bar to reassure you.

Remote Learning Archive

All videos uploaded to YouTube are linked to playlists so you can re-watch them if you need to. Here are links to the Remote Learning playlists. 








We're on a slightly different PE timetable for Year 4 this year - check your class in the table below to see which day you've got PE on. 
















Library Books and Reading Records

Please bring your library books and reading records back into school on Monday or Tuesday. If you want to swap a book, these are the only days that we can have them brought back into school. Books need to undergo 72 hours of quarantine time before they can be put back into the library. New books are issued on Fridays. 

Classroom Resources

These are links to free resources that we use in the classroom daily. They're all fun things that will help you learn new stuff and practise what you already know! 


Times Table Rock StarsWe all know and love TT RockStars! Keep improving your scores! 

Mathletics Access practice activities and videos for the whole maths curriculum. 

GoNoodleFun keep-fit dance routines and chants that we do on wet PE days. 

Cosmic KidsVideo-led yoga sessions. Lovely and relaxing! 

Supermovers Times table songs and practice. 

BBC Teach - A wonderful wealth of videos and educational material available for free. 

Before you get stuck into online videos, please read all the following information. 



We are taking the time to prepare quality lessons that we deliver via videos available on this page and Microsoft Teams. These videos are uploaded to YouTube. Watch each video fully, pausing and rewinding as much as you need to. 


Daily Activities

We will be setting you daily activities to complete. You'll be asked to complete activities in each video - some activities may be interactive and can be done on your device, whereas others can be done on paper. 


Our Expectation

The government, your school and your teachers all have an expectation that you will complete all work set online during lockdown. The activities and videos should take up at least four hours of your day - remember that normally you would be in school for longer than this! If you finish a day's activities quickly, please spend time using TT RockStars, Spelling Shed and reading as much as you can. We really need you to keep practising your reading, as this is what most people struggled with after the first lockdown. 



We have had lessons in school on how to use Microsoft Teams. We appreciate that access won't be immediately easy for everybody, but everybody does have access, so if you have forgotten your login, you can contact us at to ask for a password reset. Work will be set on Teams but it will also be available on the website until we can get all students to access it. There are tutorial videos towards the bottom of this page that show you how to access Teams from different devices.


Checking In

The government have stated that we need to check in with everybody at least once a week to make sure you are doing your remote learning. If you are using Teams, that's great! You can talk to us directly on there as well as complete activities - if we can see you're doing the work and interacting in Teams, we won't need to contact you. If we don't hear from you, we will be in touch to check in and make sure everything is okay. 


A Note for Parents

Parents and carers - we know how tough it is to home-school, which is why we are aiming to keep as much of the teaching on us - not you. If you can help your child access the website to view videos and access Teams too, they can get help directly from us when they need it. If you and your child are experiencing any technical difficulties or just need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Year 4 inbox. We will monitor it daily and aim to get back to you as quickly as possible. 


Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Finally, you should have fun! We're trying to make the lessons as fun and interactive as possible. It is so important that you make the most of this time away from school and take ownership of your education - remember that you're at school to learn. Just because school is closed doesn't mean learning can stop.