Year 1


 Year 1




We can't quite believe that it's the final week in Year 1 already. It has certainly been a different year and one to remember for lots of reasons. Although our time together was cut short, we want you all to know that we have LOVED being your teachers this year and we are SO, SO PROUD of all of you. You made amazing progress with your learning in school and many of you have continued to work just as hard at home. Those of you who have returned to school have done so confidently, enthusiastically and have taken the many changes in your stride.


We know that you will continue to be SUPERSTARS in Year 2 and we think that your new teachers are extremely lucky to be having you as their classes in September.


Have a wonderful Summer, keep being amazing, keep smiling and keep safe.

Mrs Johnson & Mrs Cooper.



Remember any news, questions, messages or photos should now be sent to the Year One  email address.



A final message for Year One from your teachers.

Year One,

Please load this powerpoint by clicking on the link.

To play the presentation, click on 'Slide show' followed by 'from beginning'. 

Listen carefully to the words of the songs and ask a grown up to help you read the words on the slides .

We hope you enjoy!

Love From Mrs Johnson & Mrs Cooper. x


Final Week Activities.

Because this is our last week in school, we are having a fun week!


 We will upload different activities which you can complete each day! The daily themes are: Super Science Monday, Magical Maths Tuesday, Arty Wednesday, and Musical Thursday.


As we would have broken up on Thursday we thought you might like to do your transition activity for Year 2 on Friday. 


*Over the next few days, you will need to collect jar lids, bottle caps, cardboard and kitchen roll tubes for Thursday.  You might also want to look at the Science experiments we have suggested and check that you have everything you will need to complete the experiments.

Home Learning.

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Year One Story Time.
Lots of you have been in touch and said that you really enjoy our stories. Thank you! We're really glad you like them. These can now be found by clicking  the title of each book below We will keep adding to these so you can keep checking to see if we have added any new stories for you to enjoy listening to at home.

We've been caught reading!

A Poem from your Teachers.

Beautiful Reading!

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BBC Bitesize- Have released daily activities and lessons. They look really good and there area lot of videos, activities and worksheets that can all be accessed for FREE!

You might want to have a look.

Just check out the website by clicking on the link below. Click onto the Year One page and then the activities will be listed.






In Year 1 we aim for all children to become confident and independent writers. This term we will read and investigate non-fiction texts; their features and layout. Initially the children will explore the text as readers before planning and thinking about writing their own piece of work. Throughout the term the children will be supported to speak and then write in complete sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 





All children will be exposed to maths every day, through a range of practical and real life activities. The children will continue to work on their number recognition and counting skills. They will regularly practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as number bonds to 10 and 20.  In particular the children will be focusing on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, finding fractions of shapes and numbers, measuring different amounts and collecting and interpreting their own data.


Lots of our work will be investigative. We encourage you to practice maths skills at home with your child. Look for numbers around the house, count the stairs, help pay for items in the shop… maths is everywhere!





All children take part in daily phonics lessons to support their developing reading abilities. Children in Year 1 read once a week. Some children will be heard individually, by one of our Reading Buddies and all children will take part in a Guided Reading session. 


We welcome comments from parent(s)/carers about how your child has read, even if it is just to let us know they really enjoyed the book! The children will be responsible for changing their own book as often as they like. To enable reading to happen frequently we advise that your child brings their book and reading diary in their book bag every day.


Remember we have the reading challenge scheme in place throughout the school and the children can earn extra playtimes and small rewards plus a lovely reading certificate for every 20 reads they complete at home.





  Topic-Spring 1- Schools in the Past. (History Focus)

In this topic we will be focussing on our History skills and encouraging the children to understand what school was like during the Victorian Times. The children will have opportunities to compare school today with that of the past and consider how and why it is different. The children will also begin to gain an understanding of Historical vocabulary using key words such as old, past and long ago in order to begin to understand chronology.

Spring 2- My School Grounds.  

During this topic the children will build upon their Geography skills from Autumn 1. The focus for our learning is our school and the children will explore the school grounds and it's immediate environment. The children will get the opportunities to explore, use and make simple maps, plans and aerial photographs and begin to understand the difference between each type of image. The children will consolidate their compass skills and use them to explore the school grounds.










Please ensure suitable indoor (Thursday) and outdoor (Tuesday) clothing is provided and named. For their outdoor kit, they will need joggers/leggings and a fleece/hoodie, especially as the cold months are approaching and the children will still take part in outdoor P.E. sessions.




Extra Information


Please make sure you write your child’s name in all clothing they wear to school. (even shoes!)


Children can bring in a bottle with their name on to keep at school for the week but it must be filled with water. They can fill it up during the school day when they need more.


At break time your child will be offered fruit as a snack but if they want to they can bring in a healthy snack (nut free)  to take outside with them. (fruit)




We very much look forward to the new term ahead. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to any member of the Year 1 team.