Year 1

Your new year 1 teachers

Let us introduce ourselves…

 Welcome to Year 1. Your teachers for next year will be Ms. Cooper (1C) and Mrs. Little (1L)


The following information relates to the current (2020-2021) year 1 classes. 


On our Class page you can find information about our learning this term  in Year One. You can also access links to some useful websites to support any learning you do at home.  We will also post remote learning activities on this page and remote learning packs can also be accessed from here. 

We hope that you find the information on our class page useful.  


Remote Learning. Week Beginning 12th July.

As some of you are having to isolate and work from home we have outlined some activities below, based on what we are doing this week in school. We hope this is useful and we hope you enjoy completing some of the learning ideas.  Alternatively, you can use the remote learning pack (see further down our webpage) and print out any sheets that you wish to complete.

Any questions, get in touch via our Year 1 inbox and as always please feel free to send us any of your completed work.  


Monday 12th July- Geography/ Computing Task.

To end our current topic on the Isles of Scilly, we would like you to complete some research. At the beginning of the topic we asked you what you would like to learn or find out about the different islands. Today is your chance to find out! 

  • E.g. Why are some of the islands unihabited?
  • Why are the names of the islands what they are?  
  • What does the Primary School look like?
  • Why is the weather always warm?

Use the QR codes attached below to help you access some child friendly websites. 


Your challenge is to make a fact file or poster about one or all of the islands. What could you tell other people about the Isles of Scilly? Think about how to present your information. Add colour, images and interesting facts. 

How many of the questions can you answer about The Isles of Scilly. We have covered all of this in our lessons in school Good Luck!

Art Activity- Draw with Rob.

Take a look at Rob's You Tube channel and choose a couple of his characters to draw. 

Tuesday 13th July- PSHE Day- Moving onto Year2. 

Today we are going to spend some time thinking about how we feel about moving to Year 2. There are a few activities you can complete. Try the 2 tasks below and look at the sheets attached below.

1. Write a letter to your new teacher. Tell them all about yourself, what do you like, not like? What are you good at? what do you enjoy at school? Could you ask your new teacher a question?

2. Draw a self portrait and colour it in. Try your best to really make your portrait look like you!



Wednesday 14th July- Music Day.

Can you make your own musical instrument using junk and recycling? Your challenge is to see f you can get it to work and play! Use the images below for inspiration.



Why not sing along to some of the songs we have been learning at school in our Music lessons at school. Maybe you could play the instrument you have made!  Click on the link below to access the BBC Songs programme we have been following at school. ENJOY!



Thursday 15th July- Science Day.

Today we are going to complete some cool experiments. As you work, think about what is happening and why. Maybe you could make some predictions about what you think will happen.

Open the links below to follow the instructions to help you make your own parachute and grow your own rainbow!



Friday 16th July


Read a book and then write about your favourite part, or record some facts that you found out. 

In school today we are having house sport competitions. At home, why not try a dance workout or a cosmic kids yoga session. Use the links below.


Year 1 Remote Education Pack (Summer 1)


Year One Curriculum.



In Year 1 we aim for all children to become confident and independent writers. To achieve this we have a big focus on phonics and correct letter formation. We choose text and topics carefully to engage the children and make writing both purposeful and fun. 
This term we will look at several well know stories and traditional tales with repetitive patterns and phrases. Throughout the term the children will be supported to speak and then write in complete sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 





All children will be exposed to maths every day, through a range of practical and real life activities. The children will continue to work on their number recognition and counting skills.
They will regularly practice counting from different starting points and count forwards and backwards. In addition to this, they will also learn to count in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as recalling the number bonds to 10 and then moving onto 20.
This term we will be focusing on the 4 main number operations. The children will have many opportunities to use practical equipment to support their learning and will also begin to record their calculations and discuss new strategies that could be used to solve problems, find solutions and reach answers. 


Lots of our work will be investigative. We encourage you to practice maths skills at home with your child. Look for numbers around the house, count the stairs, help pay for items in the shop… maths is everywhere!




All children take part in daily phonics lessons to support their developing reading abilities. Children in Year 1 read at least once a week to an adult in school.  Additionally, some of the children will also be heard individually to help boost their confidence and develop their fluency and pace. This may be with their class teacher, a teaching assistant or one of our Reading Volunteers. 


We welcome comments from parent(s)/carers about how your child has read at home, even if it is just to let us know they really enjoyed the book!
The children will be responsible for changing their own book and they can do this as often as they like. The books they can choose from are in our classroom and are phonic based. The children will be guided to help choose the correct level to take home. 
 To enable reading to happen frequently at school, we advise that your child brings their book and reading diary in their book bag every day.


Remember we have the reading challenge scheme in place throughout the school and the children can earn extra playtimes and small rewards plus a lovely reading certificate for every 20 reads they complete at home.





  Topic-Summer 1-My School Grounds.

(Geography Focus)

In this topic we will focus on our early Geography skills and encourage the children to explore their school surroundings and environment.  This unit of work builds on the previous topic of My School, completed in Autumn Term. The children will learn about aerial photographs and aerial view. They will gain an understanding of how aerial photographs are taken and how they are used. We will recap our compass skills and use these to navigate around our school grounds.  They will also be encouraged to express their opinions and preferences and plan, through simple mapping, how the school grounds are used. They will create simple keys and look at map symbols and how they are used.  The children will also begin to use geographical vocabulary to describe the physical and human geography of areas of our school. 



Summer 2- The Isles od Scilly.

(Geography Focus)

During this topic the children will learn all about the Isles of Scilly. They will learn where the islands are located, how we can travel to the different islands and also try to gain an understanding of how the lives of the people living there is different to their own lives in Halesowen.  The children will recap their compass skills and look at the geographical location of different features of the islands. The children will also study the human and physical features of the islands. 





The children usually bring a PE kit into school and this is kept in their box and sent home half termly. However, in-line with latest government guidance and suggestions, at the moment the children are being asked to come into school dressed for PE on their Year specific PE days.

This half term our PE days are on Wednesday(outdoor,weather dependent!) and Friday (indoor). 




Extra Information

Please make sure you write your child’s name in all clothing they wear to school. (even shoes!)


Children can bring in a bottle with their name on to keep at school and drink from throughout the day but it must be filled with water please.  They can fill it up during the school day when they need more. at the moment we are asking for these to be taken home each night to be washed and returned to school the following day. 


At break time your child will be offered fruit as a snack but if they want to they can bring in a healthy snack (nut free)  to take outside with them. (fruit)




We very much look forward to the new term ahead. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to any member of the Year 1 team.

Our Classroom Set up.

A message from Mr. Payne!

Spring 2 Remote Learning.



To end our learning on the author Julia Donaldson, the children were challenged to create their own flip-flap, pop up book, based on Fox's Socks. 

We read the story as part of our English work and then became poets and wrote our own sentences, with rhyming couplets, to use in our own books! We used our DT skills to make sliders and flip flaps to hide the clothes in our stories.

We did an AMAZING job!

Check out the photos below to see some of the super outcomes from the children. 

Year One DT Day.

Remote Learning - Spring 2

Remote Learning - Spring 1


School work is important but so is having fun in the snow! We would love to see your pictures of you enjoying the recent snowfall. Maybe you've been sledging or built an amazing snowman. We hope you enjoy our photos below of us enjoying the snow. 

We look forward to seeing how much fun you've been having in the snow. Stay safe everyone!



Year One Having Fun in the Snow!

A Selection of SUPER work from the last week. Well done to everybody! You're all AMAZING!

A celebration of our super work this week!

A message from Ms Cooper

A message from Mrs Johnson.

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please find below the Christmas Video from Year One.

Thank you to all of you that gave consent and sent in pictures from home. This video was completed early this week, so apologies for any photographs sent later in the week from home, that haven't been included.


Everyone in the Year One team wishes you a very Merry Christmas.


Thank you for all your support this term, the children have been amazing and we can't wait to see them all again after the holiday and have lots more fun together in the Spring Term.


Mrs Johnson & Ms Cooper.




Year 1 Christmas celebration


Year 1 Reading

Year 1 Autumn 2 Remote Learning Pack!

Year 1 Remote Learning Work Pack

Year 1 Remote Learning Work Pack

Year One Classrooms.