Geography at Newfield Park



Geography is a valued part of the curriculum at Newfield Park Primary School.  It teaches children a knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live and aims to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the World and its people.

Children learn key life skills such as how to draw and interpret maps, and they develop the skills of research, investigation and analysis.  Through studying Human and Physical Geography, the children will deepen their understanding of the Earth.

Through their growing knowledge and understanding of the World, children gain an appreciation of life in their own and other cultures and gain a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as positive global citizens.

At Newfield Park Primary School, teachers plan Geography using the 2014 National Curriculum and 'The Key' scheme from B and C Education.  This Scheme of work has been written with Geography specialists who have worked alongside the Subjects Co-ordinators and class teachers to plan a coherent, compliant, engaging and progressive curriculum that is meaningful to the children's immediate locality.  This compliments our commitment to developing skills in fieldwork where we use the school grounds and the surrounding area to provide practical experiences.  We also welcome a variety of visitors to school, including parents with knowledge of geographical areas of the world, to further enhance units of learning.  Teacher plan half termly blocks of Geography work based on the provided scheme.  This allows skills to be delivered weekly and also allows previous skills to be revised.

Foundation Stage will use guidance from the EYFS 'Understanding of the World: The World' and Understanding the World: People and Communities Early Learning Goals.

In light of the new EYFS framework (Sept 2020), the children will complete a topic based upon a contrasting Non-European Country.  This will be the Gambia as this is already a strong link in our school.

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