Welcome to Newfield Park Nursery.

Mrs Ellis and Mrs McDermott work with the children in Nursery.

We currently have 30 hour places with additional morning and afternoon sessions.


Nursery Christmas Performance 2021

Enjoy our Christmas Performance all over again!
A massive well done to all of the children in Nursery for a super performance. We are all really proud of you!

Remote Learning

Here is a list of things you can do at home with your grown  up :


  • With a grown up join in the words and actions to an action song, perhaps 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes'. Do you know any more you could try?
  • Practise holding your pencil correctly, remember pick and flick. Now try to write your name.
  • Looking for shapes - Have a walk around, inside or outside, what can you find that is a circle, square, triangle, rectangle?
  • Practise putting on your coat and fastening the zip/buttons all by yourself.
  • Draw a winter picture and talk about it.
  • Close your eyes, ask your grown up to make a sound - maybe rustle a bag of crisps - can you guess what the sound is?
  • Ask a grown up to show you an ice cube. Talk about how it was made. What happens if you leave it in a dish on the windowsill?
  • Can you make marks in shaving foam, flour or rice? Draw a circle, square and triangle.
  • Snuggle up somewhere cosy with a grown up and read your favourite book together.


Pick and flick

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