Every child at Newfield Park Primary School have many opportunities to explore and practise music in the curriculum. Every child will have multiple chances to learn a musical instrument as part of whole-class tuition throughout Key Stage 2, with further music lessons taught in Key Stage 1. We have a strong woodwind theme, but a range of other instruments are available for children to learn. Children participate in weekly singing assemblies and are able to join the school choir, whether in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. Paid in-school music lessons are also available through DPA (Dudley Performing Arts) for a range of instruments. 


Further music lessons are taught using a range of resources, including Charanga, a website provided by the local authority. Charanga has wonderful guided music lessons that make teaching and learning music a breeze! We also seize every opportunity to take part in concerts, including Young Voices (the largest school choir concert in the world) and a host of community events. School has also hosted concerts and music shows for children to experience live music that they might not otherwise get the opportunity to do. 


Whole-Class Instruments

Year 3: Tin Whistle & Glockenspiel

Year 4: Recorder & Glockenspiel

Year 5: Flute (taught by DPA)

Year 6: Recorder & Glockenspiel 


DPA Lessons

If you would like more information about DPA lessons, please speak to Mr Tilley or the office staff. The following instruments are available to learn: 









Curriculum Overview