Every child at Newfield Park Primary Academy has many opportunities to explore and practise music in the curriculum. Every child will have multiple chances to learn a musical instrument as part of whole-class tuition throughout Key Stage 2, with further music lessons taught in Key Stage 1. We have a strong woodwind theme, but a range of other instruments are available for children to learn. Children participate in weekly singing assemblies and are able to join the school choir, whether in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. Paid in-school music lessons are also available through DPA (Dudley Performing Arts) for a range of instruments. 


Further music lessons are taught using a range of resources, including Charanga, a website provided by the local authority. Charanga has wonderful guided music lessons that make teaching and learning music a breeze! We also seize every opportunity to take part in concerts, including Young Voices (the largest school choir concert in the world) and a host of community events. School has also hosted concerts and music shows for children to experience live music that they might not otherwise get the opportunity to do. 


Whole-Class Instruments

Year 3: Tin Whistle & Glockenspiel

Year 4: Recorder & Glockenspiel

Year 5: Flute (taught by DPA)

Year 6: Ukulele & Glockenspiel 


DPA Lessons

If you would like more information about DPA lessons, please speak to Mr Tilley, the office staff, or visit this link to book directly with DPA. The following instruments are available to learn: 










Over the course of the school year, we host three 'big events' at Newfield Park. In Autumn term, we have our Christmas Fayre where the choir perform to audiences of hundreds of people. In the Spring term, we host Newfield's Got Talent, where children get an opportunity to audition for a 'final show' with the entire school in attendance. At the end of the Summer term, the school field plays host to NEWfest - our big summer festival! Here, each child will perform on stage to the whole school to showcase a song learnt in their music lessons during the year. Individual performers may also be invited to share their musical talents during the afternoon, then again after school to parents. Choir also perform after school while the rest of the festivities continue! 



School offers KS2 choir as a weekly club after school on Thursdays. It is fully-funded by school and is offered for free to parents. Children spend an hour with Mrs Rushbury, a qualified and accomplished singing leader from DPA, fine-tuning their singing to create a beautiful sound. The club is always very popular and boasts over 50 members who return each week to enjoy singing. If you would like your child to attend, please email

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